Complaint Against Attorney General Jeff Sessions And Staff And Acting U.S. Attorney For The District Of Nevada Steven Myhre And Staff And Request For Expedited Investigation Into Gross Prosecutorial Misconduct Of Prosecuting Attorneys Furthered By The Honorable Gloria Navarro In The Criminal Trial Of Cliven Bundy And His Co-Defendants

170827-2017.08.17 - Bundy - Request for Investigation

From: Larry Klayman, Esq,

Counsel for Cliven Bundy

To: Honorable Jeff B. Sessions

Re: Request to Review Prosecution of Cliven Bundy in United States of America v. Bundy,

2:16-cr-000046 (D. Nev.)

Defendant Cliven Bundy (“Bundy”) respectfully requests that the U.S. Department of

Justice, under the auspices of the Honorable Jeff B. Sessions, review the prosecution of Bundy,

whose trial is set for commence in approximately a month and a half. As Bundy was indicted by

the former Obama administration, through its Justice Department, it is requested that the Attorney

General’s staff conduct a de novo review to avoid manifest injustice in order to determine whether

to proceed with the prosecution

Attached is a column that Bundy’s undersigned counsel, also the founder of Judicial Watch,

Inc., and now Freedom Watch, Inc., authored which also provides a brief history of this case.

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