Case 3:16-cr-00051-BR Document 2519-1 Filed 02/21/18 Page 1 – 91


Operation Mutual Defense, first audio recording with commentary below from Gary Hunt, participant in the calls. Shared with permission from Gary Hunt, to include his commentary, below.

Gary Hunt’s commentary: The first audio referenced in the 91 page document has a length of 1:23:47, however, the official OMD recording has a length 1:22:46. This indicates the possibility that Dennis Dickenson was recording independent of the official OMD recordings that were placed in Dropbox for the five-member Advisory Board. This raises a question that I have brought up, before. If a person is on the payroll of the government, is he exempt from providing Miranda warnings? The voice that is the expert on Word is Dennis Dickenson (DD).

Keep in mind that he is the paid informant. That is me talking with him and giving the report on Jon Ritzheimer (GH). Ryan Payne (RP) was the opening voice. Tim Foley (TF) is the other occasional voice. The conversation discussing refugees is based upon an earlier conversation between Ryan and I.

I will not publicly address that discussion, only that what you heard on this audio is the l least offensive of the proposals of interrogation of the refugees.

By law, what is considered to be profiling does not allow the government to do what we were discussing. The plan was never carried out, only discussed.

DD wants to know where RP is and what he is doing. He also wants to know who is participating with RP. Jon Ritzheimer is not on the AB, at this time.

You can tell that we have become concerned with security by requesting applications.

We are discussing Tier 2, which is specific purpose subordinate positions.

They would not have access to AB discussion, though they would be webmaster, research, public relations, etc. Any other participation would only be voluntary, based upon a call out. RP is doing a road trip. It was not sanctioned as an OMD activity. Only any recruiting is sanctioned. There was no intention to limit the activities of members in unsanctioned activities. This is exactly why the OMD did not know of the Refuge takeover, it was never discussed and as never sanction.

It was RP’s choice to proceed, totally independent of OMD. As is apparent, RP’s participation was very limited, as he was traveling and in and out with cell reception. I don’t know who Wells was. I don’t recall if he was ever contacted. The following reports are self-explanatory. You may find them interesting, as we were concerned with providing services to assist the patriot community, on a voluntary basis, for various capabilities. RP comes back in and there is discussion about Jon Ritzheimer’s recent rally at the Mosque in Phoenix. Also other casual discussion on the Muslim problem around the country. The III% group that would work with OMD also delivered a few thousand dollars worth of supplies to the refuge. That was independent of OMD though they did contact me to make sure that they knew who to contact to deliver the supplies. I provided that information outside of OMD. Then there is discussion on response and the urgency of notification at the earliest possible moment. I have yet to receive the majority approval. I will assume that none is forthcoming.

I will be posting these, unless and until I receive a response denying permission. They will be separated by a day or two, as I will be reviewing them and writing responses, as I have on this one.

They will be put out in the order that they appear in the 91 page report.

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Case 3:16-cr-00051-BR Document 2519 Filed 02/21/18 Page 1 of 14

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