Case 2:16-cr-00046-GMN-PAL Document 1242 Filed 01/05/17 Pages 1 – 3

Parker and Stewart to Call Expert Firearms Witness

Arthur B. Alphin frequently testifies in firearms-related cases…

Eric Parker’s legal counsel, on behalf of Parker and Steven Stewart, filed an expert witness notice on Thursday, 05 January 2017 announcing intent to call firearms expert Lt. Colonel Arthur B. Alphin USA (Ret.). Alphin, a graduate of the West Point Military Academy, retired US Army Lt. Colonel, and founder of A-Square (manufacturer of hunting rifles), is a frequent contributor in cases where firearms are an integral element of the trial.

Alphin to contradict Government’s embellished narrative…

The filing (ECF No. 1242), states that Alphin will testify: (from the filing)

Parker and Stewart did not possess assault rifles, were not snipers, and were not in locations that gave them a tactical advantage. He will also testify about the defendant’s firearms and their condition as well as their general ability to inflict harm based upon the firearms themselves, defendant’s training and experience, and the terrain and conditions in the Toquop Wash on April 12, 2014.

Mr. Alphin will also testify as to the items taken form Mr. Parker and Stewart that were entered into evidence and their relevance/irrelevance.

This will directly contradict the Government’s relentless, baseless, and patently false narrative that Parker, Drexler, Stewart, and Engel were “gunmen-followers” who deployed at the command of mid-level organizers to execute a massive armed violent assault on federal officers for the purpose of retrieving Cliven Bundy’s “trespass cattle”.


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