Case 2:16-cr-00046-GMN-PAL Document 1227 Filed 01/03/17 Page 1 – 10

Parker and Stewart Motion to Block Statements Made By Co-Defendants

Inclusion Would Violate Federal Rules of Evidence…

Eric Parker’s legal representation filed a Motion in Limine to block some evidence from being presented at trial. Specifically, statements made by Parker and Stewart, or made by others, violate Federal Rules of Evidence because the statements were not made during the commission of the felony ch

arge of alleged conspiracy.

All six Tier 3 defendants are charged with the same conspiracy. Parker, Drexler, and Stewart were in Bunkerville, NV for less than 24 hours. To their knowledge, they didn’t interact with any other Tier 3 defendants… or any other defendants for that matter. Rules of Evidence disallow the inclusion of some statements if they were not made during furtherance of the alleged conspiracy.


Parker, Stewart, and Drexler exited the alleged conspiracy…

Parker’s counsel argues that, if there actually was a conspiracy (which we know to be a proposition that is absurd at best), the three effectively exited the conspiracy by driving hundreds of miles away when they returned home. Anything said by them, or others, could not have been for the purpose of furthering the alleged conspiracy.




Longbow Productions: Short On Merit…

Specifically named as being inadmissible are the interviews by Longbow Productions, which turned out to be a group of Federal Agents gathering evidence under the guise of journalism. Notwithstanding their questionable tactics of trying to get defendants to consume alcohol during the interviews, nothing said could have furthered the alleged conspiracy.



The Payne / Cavalier “Psy-Op”…

Another particularly questionable portion of evidence are (now recanted) statements made by Ryan Payne and Brian Cavalier that intentionally painted a false narrative of organization that did not exist. Payne and Cavalier essentially fabricated an intricate web of lies to project the appearance of orderly resistance at Bundy Ranch. The truth, in fact, is exactly the opposite… because there was no conspiracy. Neither Parker, Drexler, or Stewarthad any knowledge, association, or interaction with any of the other defendants.



Prejudicial Association…

Inclusion of evidence made by other defendants would be grossly prejudicial as opposed to even moderately probative.  It was the Government’s recommendation to sever defendants into tiers, with Tier 3 being the least culpable in terms of overall evidence. Statements made during the protest but outside of what transpired on Saturday, 12 April 2014 are immaterial to the guilt or innocence of Parker, Drexler, and Stewart.

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