Burns Chronicles No 49 – Thomas S. Dyman (Tom Dyman)

Thomas S. Dyman was considered for a Second Tier position in Operation Mutual Defense (OMD). The structure of OMD had three tiers. The First Tier is the Advisory Board. The Second Tier is those who could assist in research; webpage management, specialty skills, or other capabilities that would work with the Advisory Board. The Third Tier would be those recruited by the Second tier to assist them, though they would not be under the Advisory Board.

Being recommended by Ryan Payne, he had to fill out an application. In the application, he admits that he had a criminal record and refers to a background check. OMD never received the background check.

A search resulted in finding at least one criminal charge against Dyman. He was arrested in 2011 for having taken his children from his first wife, back in 1995. The children had become adults, and apparently the charges were dropped.

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Scott Walker’s Call to Arms

The Wisconsin governor has asked Trump to restore the balance of federal and state power. Here’s why all states should rally to his call.

America owes President Barack Obama an enormous debt of gratitude for showing how truly dangerous the federal government can be when our Constitution’s checks and balances start failing. With the active collusion of congressional Democrats, President Obama’s presidency has been one long series of body blows to the separation of powers that has protected our democracy since the Founding. The results have been stark. Never has a president trampled so much on the prerogatives of Congress. Obama’s executive orders, suspending parts of our immigration laws and even his own prized Obamacare, have been sheer usurpations, going far beyond even the breathtaking delegations of legislative authority granted by the brief Democratic supermajority in Congress in 2009–10.

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A year after refuge takeover, quieter land battle unfolds

JOHN DAY, Ore. — On a recent wintry evening, members of the Grant County Public Forest Commission walked into the warmth of a rustic diner and took seats at their customary table for their bimonthly meeting.

They voiced anger and frustration. At this meeting, they were officially a non-entity.

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Bundy case defendant seeks identity of undercover FBI agent

Attorneys are quick to point out the AGENT’S NAME used in court documents is a pseudonym, so don’t be fooled into thinking the AGENT is a man, however they suspect that it is.

The Prosecution says the AGENT does not live or work in the District of Nevada and works solely in a undercover capacity.
The person is a AGENT not an INFORMANT.

The person in question WOULD NOT have a criminal history.

This person would have probably been physically fit, possibly bragged about a Military or Law Enforcement background, and gotten very close to the family and other protestors in order to gather information.

It is EXTREMELY possible this person is or was a member of a III%, MILITIA, OATHKEEPER, or BORDER PATROL ORGANIZATION.

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Feds add misdemeanor charges: trespass,tampering w/vehicles and equipment,destruction &removal of prop against some of #oregonstandoff defs.

Portland Oregon – Feds add misdemeanor charges: trespass,tampering w/vehicles and equipment,destruction &removal of prop against some of #oregonstandoff defs.

Charges for 4 Counts of Tampering with Vehicles and Equipment, 1 Count of Destruction and Removal of Property and 1 Count of Removal of Property.

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Tier 3 Bundy Ranch Defendants Submit Jury Selection Questions

COMES NOW the defendants, ERIC PARKER, by and through his attorney of record, JESS R. MARCHESE, ESQ., STEVEN STEWART, by and through his attorney of record, RICHARD TANASI, ESQ., O. SCOTT DREXLER, by and through his attorney of record, TODD LEVENTHAL, ESQ., RICHARD LOVELEIN, by and through his attorney of record, SHAWN PEREZ, ESQ., GREGORY BURLESON, by through his attorney of record, TERRANCE JACKSON, ESQ., TODD ENGEL, by and through his attorney of record, JOHN GEORGE, ESQ., hereby file their joint proposed voir dire.

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Judge Brown’s written order, denying Jason Patrick’s motion to dismiss #oregonstandoff indictment

Portland Oregon – Judge Anna Brown has issued an order denying Jason Patrick’s Motion (#1599) to dismiss superseding indictment: prosecutorial misconduct and motion (#1601) to dismiss count one: collateral estoppel.

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Burns Chronicles No 47 Robert “Rob” Seever

Rob Seever joined a start up militia in Fallon, Nevada, started by Corey Lequieu in January 2015. He had been a reserve deputy in Yamhill County and a clerk of a District Attorney in Washington, before moving to Nevada. He met Lequieu through Modern Militia Movement (MMM). Lequieu and Seever became close friends over the following months.

Lequieu had been active with Operation Mutual Aid (OMA), an organization created by Jerry Bruckhart and Ryan Payne. Many of those who participated in discussions appended “OMA” to their Facebook names and otherwise express their commitment to what OMA stood for.

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Conservatives pursue ally in Donald Trump in Western land disputes

SALT LAKE CITY — Conservatives who have long complained about the government’s control of vast Western lands hope they will have a new ally in President-elect Donald Trump, who has sent mixed signals about how he might manage land and whether he would relinquish federal authority over millions of acres.

Trump has pledged to honor Theodore Roosevelt’s tradition of conservation in the West, with its expansive deserts, snow-capped mountain ranges and red-rock canyons. But he has also said he will “unleash” energy production there and has railed against “faceless, nameless bureaucrats” in land-management agencies.Dozens of demands for land handovers have surfaced in Western state legislatures in recent years, and more are sure to be offered in Congress during the Trump administration.

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Message to Donald Trump, President Elect: “Let Our People Go!!”

Published on Dec 18, 2016Mr. Donald Trump, We need your help. If you study the US Constitution and look at where we are as a nation, you will see our government is far outside the bounds that We The People […]

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Cliven Bundy co-defendant seeks inclusion in first Bunkerville standoff trial

12-17-16 : By BEN BOTKIN LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL One of Cliven Bundy’s co-defendants in the armed standoff case wants to go to trial sooner than a judge has ordered. In a motion filed Wednesday, defendant Peter Santilli also argues that the 17 […]

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U.S. to disclose estimate of number of Americans under surveillance

U.S. to disclose estimate of number of Americans under surveillance Fri Dec 16, 2016  Reuters   By Dustin Volz | WASHINGTON The U.S. intelligence community will soon disclose an estimate of the number of Americans whose electronic communications have been caught in the crosshairs […]

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FLASHBACK : Obama, Remember the Election in Israel ?

Obama admin. sent taxpayer money to campaign to oust Netanyahu   By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Tuesday, July 12, 2016 The State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to […]

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Let’s Help Ammon Bundy make “2016 Oregon Person of the Year”

2016 Oregon Person of the Year: Top 25 nominees December 15, 2016 : the Oregonian Who was the most influential, fascinating or newsworthy person we’ve written about in 2016? We’re letting our readers decide. We’ve narrowed the field to 25 […]

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US Attorney Billy Williams Has a Credibility Problem

US Attorney Billy Williams Has a Credibility Problem IT’S TIME FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO MAN UP AND SHOW THE PUBLIC THE TRUTH! 12-15-16 : redoubt news     Billy J. Williams, United States Attorney for the District of Oregon, […]

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Judge keeps Feb. 14 trial date for second group of Oregon standoff defendants

Judge keeps Feb. 14 trial date for second group of Oregon standoff defendants 12-14-16 : The Oregonian The second trial of Oregon standoff defendants will begin as scheduled on Feb. 14, and the judge plans to summon 1,000 prospective jurors […]

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The trial of the 17 defendants awaiting trial shall be severed into three groups for three separate trials

CONCLUSION Having reviewed and considered all of the moving and responsive papers in connection with the severance issue, the court agrees that the most logical, efficient and manageable way to try this case is to separate the defendants into three […]

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BREAKING: Here’s the fed prosecutors’ status report on remaining 7 #oregonstandoff defendants

BREAKING: Here’s the fed prosecutors’ status report on remaining 7 #oregonstandoff defendants: Feds plan to prosecute remaining Oregon standoff defendants on federal conspiracy charge 12-12-16  : The Oregonian   Federal prosecutors Monday said they will prosecute the remaining seven Oregon […]

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Joseph O’Shaughnessy seeks to withdraw guilty plea in Oregon standoff case

Joseph O’Shaughnessy seeks to withdraw guilty plea in Oregon standoff case 12-12-16 : the Oregonian   Joseph O’Shaughnessy wants to withdraw his guilty plea to a federal conspiracy charge stemming from the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the […]

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