John Lamb’s Theft of Another Person’s Rights and Property

“Any person who knowingly materially misrepresents under [17 U.S.C. § 512] that material or activity is infringing … shall be liable for any damages, including costs and attorneys’ fees, incurred by the alleged infringer…who is injured by such misrepresentation, as the result of the service provider relying upon such misrepresentation in removing or disabling access to the material or activity claimed to be infringing….”

Well, it subjects John to penalties, should he not be able to prove that he owns Redoubt’s video, or, that conditions of use were imposed upon Redoubt’s video.  This may cost Lamb a few buck more than his filing fees.

Two days after Lamb filed that above with the Court, the Judge ruled, in his Order Denying Temporary Restraining Order” (pgs 8-9).

The Judge cites Montana Code Annotated, 27-19-315.

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Vegas Lawyers Discuss The Bundy Verdicts And Jury Nullification

Video : Las Vegas Lawyers Show – Discusses the Bundy Ranch Supporters Trials in Las Vegas as Trial 2 of the 3rd Tier completes with acquittal on most but not all charges.

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Changes coming to Nevada monuments, Heller confirms

The only specifics Heller offered concern Gold Butte in northeastern Clark County, where the monument’s northern boundary is expected to be moved to “carve out” six springs that represent the future water supply for the communities of Mesquite and Bunkerville.

Heller did not say what changes Zinke recommended for Basin and Range National Monument in remote Lincoln and Nye counties.

The Virgin Valley Water District requested the change to Gold Butte during Zinke’s July 30 tour of the two monuments.

Water District General Manager Kevin Brown has said that moving the monument’s northern boundary 5 or 6 miles to the south would cut about 24 square miles from the roughly 460-square-mile monument.

Monument advocates have threatened to sue over any changes made to Gold Butte or Basin and Range.

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Berkeley Police Chief Brags: I Intentionally Allowed Antifa To Attack Peaceful Protesters Yesterday

Police in Berkeley, California deliberately allowed Antifa alt-leftists to jump barricades and attack peaceful right-wing protesters gathered in Civic Center Park on Sunday, according to numerous reports.

The Fresno Bee reports that the majority of individuals that showed up to protest the informal “No To Marxism” rally being held in the park were peaceful.

However, according to the outlet, there were more than 100 Antifa alt-leftists who also showed up to the event intent on stirring up violence and attacking the right-wing demonstrators.

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Famous Artist Who Painted Obama Stepping On The Constitution Just Released Trump’s Painting – Spot The Difference?

There is a famous artist from Provo, Utah who painted a very controversial piece of art of a depressed man sitting on a park bench.  He is surrounded by all of the 43 Presidents, and in the forefront, President Barack Obama with his back turned to him stepping on the United States Constitution.

Now with the new American President, Donald Trump, he made a new painting and what a contrast of difference from the other. In this painting, you see the American people, different races, background professions surrounding the once depressed man who is now planting a tree, which could symbolize the tree of hope, and next to him is a woman and President Trump. The title is perfect of Trump’s legacy “You are not forgotten,” because that’s what he promised to the American people that he will fight for the average American middle class, and he will not forget them. His Presidency of almost half a year has already shown his dedication to the people. Bringing jobs back to the people, getting rid of the dangerous Obama care. Taking the fight to terrorism instead of paying them. This painting sums it all.

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Roger Stone Calls Out Donald Trump To Release Bundy Rancher Prisoners

Roger Stone calls out Donald Trump at the STAND Event in Las Vegas, asks him to pardon the Bundy’s, who were incarcerated during the Oregan Standoff. Host Tony Sweet and Captain Ron attended the event hosted by Dean Ryan in Las Vegas. Sign the petition to help convince President Donald to Pardon them at

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American Standoff: Aftermath – delves deeper into the personal lives of the characters and key issues

American Standoff the documentary was aired on the audience channel (only available on Direct TV) in early May 2017. We published an article ‘American Standoff’ director on Oregon occupation: ‘We weren’t trying to take a side’ earlier about that Documentary. American Standoff: Aftermath is a follow-up short form series being published on YouTube. We will add each episode to this post as new episodes become available.

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‘American Standoff’ director on Oregon occupation: ‘We weren’t trying to take a side’

Even though it officially ended on Feb. 11, 2016, the 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Oregon still stirs passionate opinions.

But Josh Turnbow, who directed “American Standoff,” a new documentary from the AT&T Audience Network about the occupation, says he wasn’t interested in taking sides.

“I was looking for an interesting documentary about where things were going in land management,” says Turnbow, a senior producer for content for DirecTV and AT&T.

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Bundy Ranch Wives Call For Support and Court Room Update

Atrocities in Gloria Navarro’s Federal Court Room today have the Bundy Ladies and everyone there dumbfounded and appalled. What is happening? What Can We do?

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Bundy Ranch – Urgent Call to Action

Please listen to this recording of Ryan Bundy dated March 24, 2017. The quality is bad due to the horrible quality of the phone that the prison provides to NON CONVICTED prisoners. But, you should be able to understand most of it, listen with earphones.
URGENT! CALL N. Hackmaster, Assistant Director Prison Operations, U.S. Marshal Service 703-740-8400.

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Bundy Protest Defender – I knelt and Prayed – Please God Stop My Hands From Shaking

Bundy Protest Defender Eric Parker – I knelt and Prayed – Please God, Stop My Hands From Shaking …
Eric Parker whom the Government refers to as “Black Hat” says in his Longbow interview – All I could do is hope I could give enough cover-fire so the women and children could get out if the BLM started shooting — I was on the bridge and I knelt to pray — Please God — Just stop my hands from shaking —
Operation Longbow was FBI agents pretending to be a documentary film crew who collected interviews without reading the targets their Miranda Rights —
Todd Engel was stripped of his right to defend himself!!
Gregory Burleson revealed as an FBI Informant since 2012
Government keeps talking about and showing close ups of a pink pistol on the hip of a woman but never mentions her name — I know who she is and tell you in this post —
Facebook info fueled many indictments and allowed informants to gather information about you —

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Bunkerville standoff video captures agent conversations

Prosecutors trying the case against six of rancher Cliven Bundy’s supporters played hours of video footage this week that gave the public a peek into the minds of federal law enforcement officers as the 2014 confrontation with armed protesters unfolded in Bunkerville.

When Bureau of Land Management Agent Mark Brunk testified early in the week, prosecutors played dash cam footage that recorded him uttering an expletive, followed by, “You come find me and you’re gonna have hell to pay.”

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Tyranny to Victory: a Bundy Ranch Montage by Shannon Bushman w/ Jordan Page

Published on Apr 18, 2014
A photo montage of images captured by Shannon Bushman of the complete Bundy Ranch timeline of events that transpired from the protests at the cattle auction, to the standoff, to the cattle release. Music donated by Please support artists who love Liberty.

Download your free Next News “Heroes & Villains” Poster here:…

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Mel Bundy’s Wife Updates us on Reactions and responses from CCA Nevada Southern Detention Center

The warden just came in to Mel’s pod. Mel informed her of the atrocities taking place in her facility. He told her he spoke to his attorney and will be filing a class action suit against the facility. The harassment by Mrs. Taylor the librarian, Mrs downing the commissary lady, the campus guard and the staff overseeing visitation with the exception of Dave at the front desk will stop. There will be consequences for their abuse. She is back peddling pretty hard. Claims she was never told about these terrible things. Mel told her it was because her employees are covering each other’s tails. She wants me to contact her to work things out and fix the situation, claiming it was all a misunderstanding. I will not entertain it. We will go through with this suit so that not 1 other person will have to put up with the things my family and our friends have had to put up with at the hands of this facility. People need to be held accountable for their actions. They need to be treating people kindly. With respect and dignity. My children deserve better than what they witnessed yesterday. Prisons for profit need to be eliminated from this country. They are a crime

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Wife & Children of Political Prisoner, Mel Bundy, Turned away from visiting after driving 2 hours to Pahrump, Nevada.

Briana shares her Experience today when attempting to visit her husband Mel Bundy at The CCA Operated – Nevada Southern Detention Center. Mel Bundy is one of the Bundy Ranch Political Prisoners that have been held for a year in this facility without pretrial release and not convicted. This is not the first time, one of the ladies with their kids has been treated badly. Please take a look at what she has to share. I have included the Visitation FAQ from the facilities website. Please consider consider sharing and/or contacting the Warden at this facility and ask why this is happening to the women at the facility. Please be polite and respectful if you do.

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Message to Donald Trump, President Elect: “Let Our People Go!!”

Published on Dec 18, 2016Mr. Donald Trump, We need your help. If you study the US Constitution and look at where we are as a nation, you will see our government is far outside the bounds that We The People placed around it. We have abusive and unconstitutional agencies like the EPA and BLM and the Forest Service harassing the American people and locking them away in jail for things as small as placing ponds on their own land. We need full Presidential Pardons for these people as soon as you are sworn in and we believe you truly will […]

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BUNDY, the True Story — Official

Published on Dec 10, 2016 This is the real story the courts will not let you hear, narrated entirely from inside a jail. All 3 parts HD. Narrated by Ammon Bundy. Produced by Gavin Seim. This was produced at my own expense; to support costs please donate: You can support the Bundy family at: or Clips were provided by Seim and the Bundy Family, goverment records, donated by makers or used under the fair use act, 17 U.S. Code § 107. Please share and tell the world this true story. This video may be reproduced for non commercial purposes providing credit […]

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Bundy’s Refuse To Back-Down In Nevada -Pete Santilli – Defiant As Ever

Bundy’s Refuse To Back-Down In Nevada -@Pete Santilli – Defiant As Ever 12-10-16 – The Pete Santilli Show Published on Dec 10, 2016 Pete Santilli joins Deb Jordan with the latest update from Nevada. The courtroom was packed with support for Bundy Ranch protestors yesterday who had their first status hearing since Ammon and Ryan Bundy returned to Nevada after a hard fought win in Oregon. Ammon and Ryan Bundy refused to enter the court-room in shackles and chains. Cliven Bundy Pled with the court to allow him to go last so that others who had children could get their […]

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Ryan and Ammon Bundy taken to the hole

CALL CONGRESSMAN Cresent Hardy 202-225-9894 Nevada detention center: 775 751 4500 hit 9 to speak to warden secretary … I had to leave a message for her, Hardy’s v/m was full. Of course no one wants to answer the phone and give an account of why the are denying UNCONVICTED MEN their constitutional rights!!!!!!! Ammon being denied to meet with his attorney today? Ryan told he can’t enter the law library with out his id? Ammon and Ryan physically picked up and carried to the hole! Confidential calls with attorneys being recorded and given to the prosecution?? Im so sick […]

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Bundy Story Part 2

Part two. Like, comment, share and tune in tomorrow when Gavin Seim for Liberty releases the final chapter. Tell the world to judge us. To donate: Watch Part1:  

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