Coming Mandate Disaster

Coming Mandate Disaster

by Pete Ketcham

Each and ever major policy decision of the Biden administration invariably turns out to be a disaster for the American people. It is very possible that the coming repercussions from the vaccine mandates could be a greater disaster than the present border disaster.

Thousands of vital personnel (who reject the vaccination) and are being dismissed from their jobs in law enforcement, medical care, transportation, factory manufacturing, food production, and many more areas of production. This could create a health and economic crises (combined with other ongoing crises) that could possibly equal the Great Depression of the 30’s.

I am amazed that the hospitals, city, county, state administrations, transportation, major corporations etc. comply with this insane vaccinate mandate coming from the Biden administration. If ever there was a time to defy an unconstitutional presidential mandate it is now, but for some illogical reason it is being complied with all across the nation, almost like a mutual economic suicide pact.


There is no doubt the American people will suffer because of this compliance, but there is also a good chance the entities who complied with the mandates will suffer irreparable damage.

I may be wrong, but I predict many of these entities that are complying with these mandates will eventually withdraw them after they suffer the consequences of their illogical actions.

In the meantime we can hope and pray that those in charge will wake up to the insanity of the mandates, and withdraw them before the damage is done.


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