Changing Tactics

Changing Tactics

by Pete Ketcham

In my previous article I had expressed the need for a nationwide conservative coalition, but did not go into details of how this coalition could be formed, nor describe specific characteristics of it. The following are some of the specifics of this proposed coalition:

First it should be acknowledged that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of conservative organizations with websites, radio presence, television, publications, podcasts, and a large following on social media that are already promoting the conservative cause. They are well intended, and in many cases are rendering an important effort in the Christian/conservative fight to save our constitutional nation, but if we are going to be successful in the overall effort to save our constitutional nation, a coalition is needed that is nationwide, and literally the size of a major political party.

Our forefathers who fought a brutal war to create this nation, realized, that although they had courageous individual colonial militias, it was imperative that they  come together and form a single powerful continental Army if they were to have any chance of defeating the most powerful army in the world.

We are now fighting a powerful, deceptive, criminal enemy, which has risen up and taken control of the news media, education system, entertainment industry, social media, major corporations, and many other entities including the Democrat political party. Talking about how bad it is for twelve hours a day, seven days a week as the major talk show and TV hosts do, will never defeat this enemy that is determined to change our constitutional nation into some chaotic type of socialist nation.

Yes, we have the Republican party that is fighting this deceptive enemy, but they are overwhelmed and losing ground on a daily basis. They need help, and it would not be the intent of this proposed coalition to replace or hinder the Republican Party, but rather assist it in it’s fight against the liberal criminal Democrat Party.

This coalition would primarily be based on the same constitutional Christian principles that this nation adopted at it’s founding. For this coalition to become a reality, It will require individuals (to come forward) that have the talent, motivation, and the resources similar to those who started the MAGA movement/coalition.



It is abundantly evident, that the liberal godless left, led by Biden’s Democrat party is successfully dismantling and destroying this constitutional nation. If there is not a dramatic change of tactics (right now) by the conservative God-fearing right, it is very possible, that by the end of Biden’s first four year term, our nation will be in such a lawless, chaotic, state, that it may be impossible to correct the nationwide resulting anarchy.

Thus it is hoped that this proposed coalition could become a reality, and be the “dramatic change of tactics” that could overcome the impending nationwide anarchy, but in any case, the ultimate thing it will take to save our nation is God’s help, just as there was God’s help to create this nation, and there is simply no way it will happen without His help.



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