Turning Gun Owners Into Felons

Turning Gun Owners Into Felons

by Oregon Firearms Federation

The Democrats passed SB 554, the “go to the library go to prison” bill, out of committee on a party line vote.

The bill was amended with the “dash 10” amendment

That amendment removes parking garages from the places where a CHL holder can be arrested for having a lawfully carried firearm. It changes the language in the bill, so while in the original bill you could be charged with a felony just by being near an airport, now you would have to go into the terminal to face felony charges.

Senator Floyd Prozanski claimed that this change addressed the “misinformation” that was being spread about the original bill and the risk of being arrested near the airport. In fact, once again, Prozanski was using his typical misdirection because that is exactly what the bill did.

Before you think that exempting parking lots is a step forward, consider that under the amended bill you would be forced to leave an unprotected firearm in your car, and now be totally defenseless in locations that are known crime magnets. Needless to say, anyone using the mass transit Democrats like to push, is totally out of luck. We won’t even get into those who travel by electric scooter.

And of course, you still face felony charges should you dare to enter an airport terminal to assist someone coming from or going to a flight or go into any school or public building. Buildings you own and pay for.

Throughout the hearing Democrats made totally unsubstantiated claims and reference to reports that they implied backed up the notion that CHL holders are dangerous, while either not providing any data or referencing reports that were created by rabid anti-gunners like Tom Ridge.

Senator James Manning’s bizarre and incoherent comments included insults against CHL holders, the completely unfounded claim that a person who shot up a Eugene school was a CHL holder and the absurd assertion that most CHL holders approved of having their rights taken away under this bill. Manning might want to take a moment out of his abrasive and ignorant slams on CHL holders to look at the sign up sheet for testimony on the bill.

Senate Democrats put out this press release also insulting CHL holders.

Prozanski wrapped up the work session by accusing the Republicans of voting no on the bill because they would “profit” from voting no.

This twisted and insulting comment was based on an email that the “Leadership Fund,” a Republican PAC, sent out. The email fundraiser included these comments:

Senate Bill 554 is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation introduced by Liberal Democrats to make its way to the Senate in years.

If passed, this bill will:

* Ban concealed carry permit owners from bringing a firearm on public property
* Double the cost to apply and renew your concealed handgun license AND
* Ban the possession of pepper spray and stun guns

Have the Democrats been on vacation? What makes them think this is a GOOD IDEA with all the violence and looting we’ve seen in the last year?

Oregon Republicans have had enough – that’s why we’re taking action.

Oddly the email noted that the “action” the Republicans wanted to take was a “petition” to the Democrats. While totally pointless, “petitions” are a common practice in fundraising efforts. But anyone who knows the three Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, (Kim Thatcher, Dennis Linthicum and Dallas Heard) knows that they are totally committed to gun rights and that Prozanski’s attack was self serving garbage.

Which brings us to our next step. This bill now goes to the floor. The Senate is controlled by a super majority of Democrats, many of whom are sponsors of this bill. 

Up until today the Republican Leadership had not expressed any interest in walking out to stop these dangerous bills. Then today they denied quorum to stop progress on Democrat legislation.

They have NOT included gun bills in their reason for the walk out.

Rest assured, if this bill passes CHL holders will face felony charges at every school, library and bus shelter, and the fact that for 30 years CHL holders have demonstrated themselves to be the most law-abiding Oregonians won’t matter.

The Democrats have shown by this, and so many other bills, that they are determined to attack law abiding gun owners while empowering rioters, looters and common criminals. 

If the Senate Republicans allow this bill to pass on the Senate floor, law abiding gun owners, and in fact all Oregonians, will be at greater risk whenever they leave their homes. And while people who live in parts of the state with rational local leaders may choose not to impose these regulations, people travel.

The ball is now in the court of the Senate Republicans. Oregonians have turned out in mass to oppose this bill. Most of them were not even allowed to voice that opposition.

Please contact the Oregon Senate Republicans and Senator Brian Boquist, who recently left the Republican Party to become an independent, and remind them that your freedom and safety is in their hands. Ask them to walk out on any vote on SB 554.

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Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod


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