Make America Godly Again!

Make America Godly Again!

by Maureen Paterson

This is not an easy path. Many of our Founding Fathers lost their fortunes and their lives. But not one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence ever renounced. They realized that “We the People” means active involvement in the community.

All citizens should consider taking their turn for a local office. Here are some of the boards that need the everyday citizens to step up and be involved: Library, Hospital, Fire and School. The Bonner County Republican Central Committee is a good source for information. Their website is:

Another example of involvement is digging deep for the truth of what is really going on in our world. Did you know that the Heritage Foundation cites 1,308 proven instances of voter fraud in our last election? ( Here are just some examples:

• Nevada! Double Ballots Cast, Dead People Voted
• Michigan! Testimony of Voting Machine Connected to Internet
• Arizona! Video of Fraud – Need Forensic Audit
• Pennsylvania! Proven flawed Dominion voting machines
• NJ! Testimony Of USPS Tampering with Hundreds of Thousands Ballots
• Georgia! Video showing re-running same ballots over and over.

We as involved citizens cannot trust the average media outlets. Remember, our Republic takes eternal vigilance, so don’t fall for the easy turn on your TV to whatever pops up. They count on you to not investigate beyond the mainstream media. Here are some alternatives to try.


Hear the Truth!
Preserve Our Constitutional Republic!


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