Calling Out the DEEP STATE RINO Governor Little

Calling Out the DEEP STATE RINO Governor Little

The Idaho Republicans are not happy with their RINO (Republican In Name Only) Governor Brad Little.

The Region One Republicans passed with Unanimous Consent a resolution denying any further political support for Little, demanding that he stop the State of Emergency, and even telling him that he needs to resign his office for malfeasance.

They made it clear that Little violated State Law and caused irreparable harm to the people and businesses of Idaho.

The resolution has been forwarded around the state to other Republican groups, as well as the Governor, the Lt. Governor, and the State Party Chair.

Read the resolution below:


Passed by the Region One Idaho Republican Central Committee,

WHEREAS, Governor Brad Little declared a State of Emergency, relative to COVID 19, by Proclamation, March 13th, 2020, pursuant to Idaho Code 46-1008 and:

WHEREAS, said statute provides that no State of Emergency may continue longer than thirty (30) days with only one extension allowed no longer than an additional thirty (30) days and which may be terminated at any time by a Joint Resolution of the Idaho Legislature and;

WHEREAS, the time has long passed for Governor Little to terminate the State of Emergency as required by law and the Governor THEREFORE is acting contrary to well established law and;

WHEREAS, Governor Little failed to call the legislature into session in a timely manner to fully and appropriately deal with the declared State of Emergency and;

WHEREAS, the Idaho Legislature is the appropriate governing body to appropriate public funds, yet Governor Little has kept control of COVID Relief funds under his exclusive control, by and through a committee he has appointed and which directs funding well in excess of One Billion dollars and;

WHEREAS, the Idaho Health and Welfare statutes used in conjunction with the State of Emergency only authorize the quarantine and isolation of persons infected or suspected of infection and cannot, by law, be applied to persons not shown to be infected or suspected of infection and;

WHEREAS, Governor Little has greatly exceeded both the time limits and the applicability of his declared State of Emergency and subsequent mandates, causing irreparable harm to the people and businesses of Idaho, costing Idahoans billions of dollars in damages from unlawful lockdowns, destruction of livelihoods and has mandated conduct violative of inherent rights, all from his official actions operating outside of and in excess of established law and;

WHEREAS, in addition to the financial destruction caused by the unlawful continuation of the declared State of Emergency, great personal costs have been imposed on the people of Idaho resulting in the denial and destruction of normally available opportunities in family relations, commerce, health care, education, entertainment and LIFE in general, also resulting in a six fold increase in suicides and;

WHEREAS, Governor Little continues this unlawful behavior in clear violation of the Republican principles that we are a nation of laws and no man is above the law; and clearly violates the rights of the Idaho Citizens expressed in Article One of the Idaho Constitution and other inherent rights retained by the People and;

WHEREAS, Numerous local jurisdictions in Idaho have imposed mandates and ordinances based on the Governor’s declaration which have caused similar harm and infringement and;

WHEREAS, accurate numbers of infectious rates of COVID 19 when compared to normal influenza rates of previous years do not support the continuation of any State of Emergency and;

WHEREAS, it is the duty of the Idaho Republican Party to hold public officials who affiliate with the Party to the standards expressed in our Platform and bound by their oath of office and;

THEREFORE: the Region One Central Committee of the Idaho Republican Party, for the causes mentioned above, hereby CONDEMNS Governor Brad Little for conduct unbecoming to a Republican Party member and further RESOLVES to DENY any current or future support for Brad Little as a Republican Party member, asking for his disaffiliation from the Party and further;

RESOLVES, that Governor Little shall immediately terminate the declared State of Emergency and further;

RESOLVES, that Governor Little give serious consideration to resigning from the Office of Governor for malfeasance of office.

Passed with Unanimous Consent from the Region One Central Committee of the Idaho Republican Party


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