Eventbrite Deletes ‘March For Trump’ Rally

Eventbrite Deletes ‘March For Trump’ Rally

by Shari Dovale

Another shot from Big Tech!

Eventbrite is an online platform that claims they want to to bring the world together through live experiences. They also state “We may not agree with every view or opinion expressed at every event, but we strongly believe in the fundamental right to free speech and assembly. “

But this is a blatant lie, as they are playing partisan politics and canceling conservatives.

A Washington DC Rally is scheduled for Saturday, November 14th, at noon. It will be held at the Freedom Plaza in DC and will conclude at the Supreme Court.

The event was placed on eventbrite and billed as a “March For Trump”.

Eventbrite took it upon themselves to delete the event. Then they went way beyond and emailed everyone that had signed up to tell them the event was “Canceled”. It has NOT been canceled. THE RALLY IS ON!


I do not know of a good alternative to eventbrite, and welcome all suggestions in the comments.

Please share this article so the word is spread about the rally.




by Women for America First

WHEN:Saturday, November 14th at Noon

WHERE:March for Trump will begin at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC and conclude at the Supreme Court


We are requiring a donation of $3 per ticket to stop the left from high jacking our Eventbrite account. Your $3 donation will go to help cover the cost of sound, stage, security, signage, etc.

We apologize we can only allow one ticket per sale but the left is attempting to de-platform us on all tech.

Please consider making an additional donation to cover event costs.


To find a carpool or caravan to Washington, DC, please click here.

We have a roomblock in DC for $219 per night. If you would like to receive our rate, please email 2020@stolenelection.us with subject line “DC Roomblock” with your eventbrite ticket confirmation.


To get more details and updates as this evolves, make sure you are signed up to be in direct email communication here. We have been censored by Big Tech to communicate with our supporters by our traditional platforms.


This effort will require significant resources. From legal and communications to travel and technology, every penny will make a difference. We appreciate your support and hope you will make a donation outside of eventbrite here.

For any questions or additional information, please email 2020@stolenelection.us.


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