Vote to Preserve Our Way of Life

Vote to Preserve Our Way of Life

Do you want to preserve our way of life, our property rights, our legal right to carry guns, and the right to go to church, as the Constitution guarantees? Then your vote for County Commissioner needs to go to Steve Bradshaw, who has been our Commissioner for the past two years.

His opponent thinks the right to carry guns on public property should be suspended if a rock band demands it; that property rights of longtime business owners should fall by the wayside if new subdivision residents don’t like that business; and that we should just obey and support the public institutions who are imposing draconic, ever-changing health-related restrictions on us that increasingly reveal themselves to have little or no basis in science or fact. These are the attitudes of Democrats, and his opponent is a died-in-the-wool Democrat, although in the past he has called himself alternately an Independent or Democrat, depending on how the political winds were blowing.

With Steve Bradshaw you don’t have to guess where he stands on your rights, or which party he currently belongs to. He is a conservative Republican.

As such, he provides the balance on the Board of Commissioners that is quite fragile. Although all three Commissioners are registered Republicans, one is a closet Democrat and votes like it. If an actual Democrat like Steve Bradshaw’s opponent were to win, there would be two Democrats on the Board of Commissioners, and there go our rights in Bonner County.

John F. Weyant
Bonner County

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