Sage Dixon Has Earned Your Vote

Sage Dixon Has Earned Your Vote

Spreading disinformation about your opponent is the tool of someone with no argument.

And that’s what the supporters of Rep. Dixon’s general election opponent—who’s launched a write-in campaign based solely on half-truths and rumors—are doing by misrepresenting his stellar record.

Why would they misrepresent his record?

Here’s why:

Most of his policy positions are nearly identical to those of Dixon’s. So rather than run on his own positions, Dixon’s write-in opponent is spreading untruths on everything from Dixon’s position on vaccinations to his donor list: for starters, they say he’s pro-vaccination, and beholden to big pharma.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

If they’d have had the courtesy to ask, they’d know that Dixon’s own children are un-vaccinated, and that those “big corporate donations” he’s received are so minuscule that they couldn’t even buy a full-page ad in a local newspaper. So much for being pro-vax and owned by lobbyists.

How you present yourself to your potential constituents reveals your character. And while his opponent presents himself as a trustworthy conservative, he does things like showing up uninvited to an invite-only candidate forum and verbally abusing its hosts.

Rep. Dixon has displayed nothing but honesty and integrity during his time in office, and those who know him well hold respect and admiration for both his commitment to liberty and to his constituents.

On November 3rd, please vote Sage Dixon.

Anita Aurit

Sandpoint, ID

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