Liberal Cities Sue Federal Govt Over ‘Law & Order’

Liberal Cities Sue Federal Govt Over ‘Law & Order’

by Shari Dovale

Two Liberal Progressive cities on the “Left Coast” have joined together to fight having Law and Order in their cities.

Portland, Oregon and Oakland, California have teamed up to tell Donald Trump what they think of his “Law and Order” policies, calling it “Constitutional Overreach”.

President Donald Trump is running on a platform of Law and Order, mostly due to the riots in the Progressive Cities. The riots are being allowed and encouraged by the Communist-sympathizing officials in these places, regardless of the danger presented to their residents. Continuing their advocating for the looting, burning and rioting, they call the destruction “mostly peaceful”.

I am sure that Aaron “Jay” Danielson would not agree that this is mostly peaceful. (We wish we could ask him.)

The lawsuit cites a study by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (“ACLED”) Project and the Princeton University Bridging Divides Initiative that claims only about 7% of the BLM/Antifa riots during the summer were savage and cruel. The Communist-sympathizers are finding this number to be acceptable.

Additionally, they are not finding that the Antifa/Black Lives Matter groups, that are admittedly Marxist organizations, are not problematic, yet they single out the Proud Boys in their lawsuit as “an extremist pro-White hate group” that “maintain affiliations with known extremists.”

The suit discusses a rally that was held in September by the group “Proud Boys.” As part of the fear that she was generating over this group, Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency. She then assumed control of local law enforcement, much to the chagrin of many of these LEO organizations.

The fear-mongering by the Governor proved to be just that, as the rally, which was titled and themed “End Domestic Terrorism”, was called largely peaceful by even Main Stream Media.

The 48-page lawsuit accuses the DOJ and DHS of “unilaterally, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally” instituting a “law and order” policy and deploying federal agents to cities.

This ridiculous and politically-motivated publicity stunt is obviously planned and timed to benefit the Democrats in the upcoming election. I guess Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the candidates for those that want only anarchy.

Proud Boys has scheduled another rally today in San Francisco advocating Free Speech and protesting Big Tech.

Read The Lawsuit Here



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  1. I personally, wrote to President Trump, numerous times in the past few years, in regards to the crime and lawlessness.. well before the pandemic, or the riots….

    Too many Law abiding citizens were being attacked and their lives being destroyed, by the riots.. the Democrats are the ones who are guilty of Constitutional over reach!

    Did the studies, tell you about the laws they’re hiding on the books to implement Martial Law and bring in the UN and the NWO…

    Did you read Bloomberg’s own words, tell how many criminals he was working to release onto the streets? ~ 316K…

    Did you read about his works to remove our ability to defend ourselves and strip us of a Constitutional right?

    Did you read about the recent work he’s pushing in Arizona, and elsewhere to push climate change and gun control laws on us?

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