Divine Providence by Pete Ketcham

Divine Providence

by Pete Ketcham

Divine Providence was a term used frequently by the founding fathers in their writings and statements concerning the birth of our nation.

A short definition of the term is: The belief that there is a God, and that He is concerned about this nation, and on occasions, directly intervenes in the affairs of this nation.

This Divine intervention was demonstrated during the Revolutionary War, constitutional convention, and on many other occasions. These founders through the wisdom of God created the most fair and equitable governing nation in the history of the world, but, is there any Divine intervention taking place in our nation today?

It has been shown that Divine intervention in our personal lives as well as in the nation is not always pleasant, but necessary to accomplice God’s purpose, and thus we come to the Covid-19 issue.

The Covid-19 virus was maliciously dropped on the world and our nation by China. It is no respecter of persons, and has impacted and disrupted the lives of the lowest citizens to the highest government officials, including our President. It has disrupted Congress, state/national elections, education system, business, commerce, healthcare, sports, and many more entities, and In the process of this disruption, there has been a great amount of sickness and tragic loss of life. In addition to all this it appears Covid-19 is not going away.

Is it possible that Covid-19 could be a Divine intervention in the affairs of our nation? Could it be a wake-up call by God to return to His’s guidance and protection, which our nation enjoyed in the past but has now abandoned?

It has been demonstrated thus far that the Covid-19 pandemic has not changed the degenerate downward trend of our nation’s morals one bit. The entertainment industry continues to pump their toxic garbage into the minds of the nation’s citizens, approved and assisted by the mainstream news media, national education system, and the Democratic party.

It will take something far more devastating, such as a EMP attack (see novel “One Second After”) nuclear attack, or a pandemic that is far more brutal and deadly than the present Covid-19 to interrupt the degenerate downward trend of our nation.

I believe our nation is presently in the situation as described In Proverbs Chapter One, Verses 20 to 33. In essence this nation has totally rejected God’s wisdom, and may pay a high price for this negligence as Divine Providence prevails in the future.


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  1. With the Lord, all precedence is placed upon the well being of the “Family”…
    …His intervention in the affairs of men have consistently been made; because of His care for “Family”.. from the Garden of Eden until now, all qualifications for any position in the office of either Church, or State, have been measured/judged by an individual’s public and private treatment/leadership, within the Home itself!

    There are several Biblical references to the hearts of parents turning towards the children and vice versa, with warnings of bringing a curse, for failure to provide and stand watch over the Family..

    The Matriarch and Patriarch of the Family, stand as Spiritual intercessor over the indulgence and inexperience of youth to disavow, before the Lord, the vows/actions worthy of His judgement…

    In today’s world we suffer the ungodly, whom seek to use the Covid pandemic, to remove the Matriarch and Patriarch from the Family unit…

    A bit of teaching is found throughout the lives of Abraham and His sons… in passing on the Blessing, from one Generation to the next..

    That is what we need to pray about… Satan trying to destroy the Family! The ability of parents to provide for the Family!

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