Yes, You Have Been Conned

Yes, You Have Been Conned

The media lies, the numbers do not. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Washington State has had 29,901 deaths in the first six months of 2019 and 29,528 deaths in the first six months of 2020. The coronavirus has not increased the overall death rate. It is an average flu season by a different name. You have been conned. Why?

Those in control of the media and a large portion of government are tapping into your fears. They have created an illusion of a health crisis. As a result, people distrust one another. People are afraid of one another. It is the ultimate divide and conquer tactic.

Another result is the use of dehumanizing face masks. One’s identity, one’s individuality, is being erased: you are just another masked bi-ped. Who you are as a person is greatly diminished by wearing a mask.

The unchanged overall death rate proves that there is not a disaster. Without a disaster, the governor’s use of emergency powers is unlawful. Even if there were a disaster, mandates that violate individual rights are unlawful.

Help yourself: see the con.

Roger Whitten
Deer Park, Eastern Washington


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