Wake Up Redoubt – Mask Mandate and Being Prepared

Wake Up Redoubt – Episode 20-09
Mask Mandate and Being Prepared


Mask Mandate in Idaho

Did Panhandle Health Board illegally practice medicine?

Doctors cannot force patients to accept a medical device.

Because they have now learned that the early use of intubation is actually not good for these patients, it would seem that the prescribed treatment could have been the cause of the deaths in these patients, not the disease itself.

Rep. Scott and Dr. video

A doctor explains that it is each person’s individual right to make a decision on what is best for themselves. If it is medically related to treat a condition, it should be done under the supervision of a physician.


Health District Explains How to Ignore The Mask Mandate


Panhandle Health District Mask Mandate for Kootenai County

Click to access Mask-Mandate.pdf


Democrats Start to Worry Support for Portland Riots Will Help Trump

The first signs of worry emerged early Monday as some opponents of Trump, surveying the damage after a weekend of nationwide riots, began to worry openly if supporting “peaceful protests” in Portland, Oregon, would hurt Democrats.


Walmart, Home Depot and other retailers walk back face mask mandates, will serve maskless customers


Coronavirus face masks with valves, holes banned at Disney World


It May Be Time For The President To Put The Federal Courts Back In Their Constitutional Lane

In other Federalist essays penned by Hamilton, the role of the Judiciary is defined as the “bulwark” against “legislative overreach,” empowered to declare laws violative of the Constitution to be void. Reflecting this limited responsibility of the Judiciary (described as the “weakest of the three departments”) Hamilton noted that the branch lacks any “influence over the sword or the purse” and is in no way “superior” to the other branches.

Nowhere in the text of the Constitution or in the explanatory Federalist Papers is there any hint that federal judges are empowered to pass judgement on administrative actions of presidents executing laws that have not been found to be unconstitutional.



Sen. Tom Cotton Launches Bill Banning Federal Funds for Teaching America Founded on Slavery

A bill that would ban federal funds for teaching the New York Times’s revisionist “1619 Project,” which claims America was founded on slavery.

The Saving American History Act of 2020 asserts America was founded on July 4, 1776, when its fundamental principles were set forth in the Declaration of Independence. The bill continues:



Prepping Resources


Sourdough Starter: https://youtu.be/mOm6OOH2Hxw


Stupid of the Week

Video: Woman maces couple for not wearings masks in San Diego park



Further Resources for today’s podcast:



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