Disparagement Of Online Learning

Disparagement Of Online Learning

by Pete Ketcham

I have normally supported most of Trump’s programs and objectives, but I do not support him and his Secretary of Education Betsy Devos’s push to reopen schools. I feel he is off base with his disparagement of online learning (virtual learning) , and  is making a major strategic mistake based on the following reasons:

1. The national education system (as it existed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) has been a complete liberal godless indoctrination system that is diametrically opposed to everything that Trump stands for. Yet he is doing everything in his power to reactivate the very indoctrination system that apposes him.

2. Even though this pandemic has had tragic results for those who became sick and died, and for those who have lost their jobs and business, yet there could be a “silver lining” in the opportunity to regain control of our youth’s education by this event. Until this pandemic, there was no possible way to gain control of our education system.

3.  This pandemic has presented an opportunity to transition from brick & mortar teacher union curriculum control, to a online learning opportunity free of the liberal indoctrination preeminent in public brick & mortar schools. There are a multitude of excellent elementary, high school, and college curriculums that are available for anyone anywhere in the nation.

4.It is acknowledged that school can be used as a “baby sitting” facility for working parents, and it comes down to a hard choice of priorities for parents. Do they want their children to be indoctrinated with a hatred of this nation and God, or do they want their children to become law-abiding patriots. In any case all of us will live with their decisions.

There is no question that It is a challenge (with a learning curve) for parents to supervise and assist their children with online learning. The Trump administration could be a tremendous agency of assistance in the transition to online learning if they would, but instead they are doing everything they can to disparage it.

5. Lastly this virus is still prevalent, dangerous, and contagions. Grouping students back into classrooms (regardless of social distancing and masks) and school buses is dangerous at this time, and could become a petri dish for the continued spread of the virus. The original circumstances that warranted shutting down the schools in the first place are still prevalent today, thus it makes no sense to open up till this virus is under control.

Everyone we see tearing down our constitutional nation, creating chaos in the streets, and corrupting the political process, acquired their nation hating philosophy via the  indoctrination process prevalent throughout the entire national education system. By his actions Trump is assuring that following generations will continue the chaos and corruption he is presently fighting against.

I can only conclude that Trump and his advisers believe it is more politically expedient (for his next term) to have the schools back to “normal”, but by doing so, they are disregarding the opportunity to eliminate the anti-American indoctrination of our youth, and assuring that the chaos we are now seeing across this nation will continue indefinitely.


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