Bubba Wallace – The Rest of the Story

Bubba Wallace – The Rest of the Story

by Shari Dovale

Bubba Wallace, the only black professional driver for NASCAR, made headlines recently when he claimed that a noose was found in his team’s garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway.

Wallace called the situation a “despicable act of racism and hatred”

This charge was taken very seriously by NASCAR officials, as it should have been. They launched an immediate investigation and called the FBI to take charge.

NASCAR then made their support of Wallace a promotional event, with drivers and their teams walking with Wallace on the speedway, and officials adding “#IStandWithBubba” in white paint on the track’s grass. Wallace was moved to tears by the show of support.

In spite of the hoopla, the FBI investigation determined that the “noose” was actually a pull down cord for the garage door, and was never a racist statement, or threat, made to Wallace. There was no racist act committed. Period. Done.

The entire thing should have been left to disappear at this point, but Bubba, like Jussie Smollett, could not let his moment in the sun fade away.

As he said to Don Lemon during a CNN interview, “I will always have the motivators to go out there, to try to de-throne me from the pedestal I am on.”

Since poor Bubba could not let it go, let’s look at THE REST OF THE STORY….

During the recent lockdown, NASCAR was put in a bit of a predicament, as were many businesses. How to keep afloat and keep viewers interested. They decided on a unique way, and very creative I might add.

They went to virtual racing. The eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series, which essentially features a bunch of NASCAR drivers racing one another in a video game simulation.

However, Bubba had probably the worst day of everyone playing, and showed his true colors when he threw a tantrum.

Reported by CBS Sports on April 5th:

Bubba Wallace loses sponsorship after rage-quitting during NASCAR iRacing event

Wallace quit the race in a huff after an early wreck with Clint Bowyer

Bubba Wallace was one of the 32 drivers competing in the Food City Showdown at a virtual Bristol Motor Speedway on Sunday and he undoubtedly had the worst day of anyone in the field. Not only did Wallace wreck during the 11th lap of the 150-lap race but he was so peeved by it that he wound up “rage-quitting” — a popular gamer term for a player who gets so angry that they prematurely bow out of the competition. 

Bubba was not doing so well with the fans or the sponsors after this. How would he regain all that he lost during that fit of temper? How would he make people forget his little conniption?

First, he complained to NASCAR about the Confederate flags being displayed at the racetracks. This gained him the adoration of the Left. NASCAR fell right into the trap and ordered these heritage symbols to be banned.

What they seem to have forgotten is that this is a Southern Sport, with most participants being Southern. And these good ole boys have a sense of pride in their heritage, with includes what some folks call the Confederate flag, but is actually the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. The politically correct, yet racially-charged, Left have twisted it to mean something nefarious, and insist that no one is allowed to have any Southern Pride.

So, while he gained the love of the extremists on the Left, he lost the support of the conservative Southern Right.

But someone on his team seemed to have thought about the fact that no one, left or right, likes the idea of lynchings. Talladega provided the perfect opportunity to paint poor Bubba as the victim of a hate crime. (Yes, that should do it. Everyone would love Bubba again.)

That is when the “noose” hit the headlines.

The Conservative Treehouse provided a great article tracing back this hoax.

It will be interesting to see how NASCAR responds; but the clarity of the situation is beyond debate.  This “noose in a NASCAR garage” story was false.  This was not targeted racial hate toward Bubba Wallace; and it wasn’t even a noose in a NASCAR garage.


The Truth Matters

If it had been determined to be an actual hate crime against poor Bubba, everyone would have been on his side and he would have regained the pedestal that he so desperately craves. However, it was not. And many have said that they thought this whole situation was just so stinky that they could just “Smollett”.

Yes, the truth matters, and now it is coming to light.


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