Idaho State Police Turn Gestapo For Gov. Chicken Little

Idaho State Police Turn Gestapo For Gov. Chicken Little

by Shari Dovale

The Hardware Brewing Company employees in Kendrick, Idaho are trying to provide for their families, as is every little business in Idaho, and around the country.

Governor Brad Little has taken this power grab, called it an emergency, and went way too far.

Putting the small businesses out of business is the order of the day for Little, and he is using his thugs at the Idaho State Police to “get’er done!”

Kendrick is a small community in Latah County, in the middle of Idaho. It has a total population of 360.

Idaho is currently using the Leftist common core counting methods for adding up Covid 19(84) cases by including probable or presumed cases in their numbers.

Even so, the number of cases in the entire state (as of May 21st) is 2,534. Yes, this includes PROBABLE or PRESUMED cases, as well. There have been 77 deaths reported, and yes, this would include probable or presumed cases, as per the CDC guidelines of misreporting the facts. Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin

Additionally, Latah County has reported only 12 cases with no deaths. Kendrick has reported ZERO cases!

Yet, Governor Brad (The Sky is Falling) Little is so upset that his Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin, visited this little out-of-the-way spot to support them in their endeavors, that he has turned his wrath in their direction and is using them as an example for his oppressive and dictatorial powers. (Can everyone say “Retaliation”?)

And who is playing the Gestapo for his orders? The Idaho State Police!

We previously reported that the ISP has tried to weasel their way out of responsibility by claiming they are “Just the Messengers”. However, the Only-Following-Orders defense did not work at Nuremberg, and is not going to work here.

But the ISP will just not leave it alone. They came back yesterday and this was reported concerning the confrontation:

Alert Notice to all Idaho Citizens: Hardware Brewing Co. with Hardware Frank

Nearly 12-15 Idaho state troopers came yesterday (Thursday, May 21st) to our pub.

The reason given to us was an allegation that a man drank beer at our Pub on May 9th and crashed his motor cycle afterwards between Julietta, Idaho and Lewiston, Idaho on HWY 3.

8 ISP inside our building and many more outside.

ISP would not allow my parents to call each other, speak to each other or contact our lawyer, or be left alone/unattended, they were monitored at all times.

They removed our staff from the premises and would not allow parents to speak with their lawyer.

ISP had vests and tactical gear, huge show of force. Mom and dad are in the 60’s.

Please note warrant only allows for data to be taken from May 9th. But they took the entire camera/video server, 30 plus days. Also, all data from our POS (point of sale) system.

My belief is that ISP will try to frame us and use this as the reason to pull our license and levy fines.

Question, does anyone know the judge who signed the warrant?

Magistrate Megan E. Marshall
Latah County District Court
Court Clerk Number: 208-883-2255 ext. 4
Clerk email:

Brad Little has gone into Full Liberal “I-Believe-in-Big-Government” mode. These good folks at the Hardware Brewing Company are just trying to survive, and Brad Little wants to crush them!

A GoFundMe page has been set up for them. They may need the help towards legal fees to fight this overreach by the state. Please visit and donate, if you can:

Hardware Brewing Company’s Freedom to Operate

This has to do with politicians destroying the livelihood of hardworking Americans by overstepping their reach.

After 6 weeks of closure and the order to stay closed for up to another month, the Lohmans opened their pub. The governor, through the force of the Idaho State Police, is threatening to take their licenses.

Doug and Christine paid for their licenses, are not breaking laws, yet cannot use them.  The Lohmans cashed in their retirement in order to keep the property and business. 

They are in their 60’s and have lost their life savings and are fighting to not lose their business as well.

Go fund me will help with legal defense, and recover some of their retirement savings.



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