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About 20 dead bodies were found along the U.S./Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley, mere miles from where CNN’s Jim Acosta reported Thursday that things were “tranquil” in border land.

“Mexico’s president says an undetermined number of bodies have been found in the northern Mexico border state of Tamaulipas in what appears to have been a mass killing involving drug gangs,” said KRON4. “Local media report that between 19 and 20 burned bodies were found near the remains of burned-out pickup trucks near the border town of Miguel Aleman.”

There are several towns called Miguel Aleman in Mexico, but the report said that this town was located in the Rio Grande Valley. The only Miguel Aleman in the Rio Grande Valley is just an hour and a half from where CNN’s Jim Acosta said things were “tranquil” near McAllen, Texas, where there is a border wall:

Much of the Rio Grande is wide open, not secured by any type of barrier, allowing unfettered access to border crossers. As noted in the KRON4 report, the territory is controlled by cartels.

“President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Thursday the killings appear to have been part of a dispute between gangs,” the report said. “The area around Miguel Aleman in the Rio Grande Valley had long been dominated by the Zetas drug cartel, but that cartel has since splintered.”

The scenario at the border boils down to what most Americans already knew. In places like McAllen, where there is a wall, things are “tranquil” – because walls work.

But in other places nearby, dangerous cartels operate with impunity, murdering people by the dozens and easily smuggling others across the wide open sections of border land.

Don’t believe me? Listen to President Barack H. Obama discuss the border crisis in 2014:

Source: TRANQUIL? ‘Pile’ of 20 or So Corpses Found Near US-Mexico Border – Big League Politics

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