Full stay issued in Pahrump water order appeal

reporter Robin Hebrock at rhebrock@pvtimes.com | 1-16-2019

After issuing a temporary postponement earlier this month, the Nevada Supreme Court has now ordered that the district court ruling reversing Nevada State Engineer Order #1293A be stayed until the appeal filed by the engineer’s office has made its way through the system and a final determination is made.

“Appellant state engineer filed an emergency motion to stay the district court’s order pending appeal and we entered a temporary stay pending receipt and consideration of any opposition, which respondents (Pahrump Fair Water) have now filed. Having considered appellant’s motion and supporting documents, respondents’ opposition and appellants’ reply under the NRAP8 (Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure) factors, we conclude that the balance of harms weighs in favor of a stay,” the filing, signed off by Supreme Court Justices Jim Hardesty, Lidia Stiglich and Abbi Silver, states. “Accordingly, we grant appellant’s motion and stay enforcement of the district court’s Dec. 6 order granting judicial review and reversing state engineer Order #1293A, pending further order of this court.”

However, the ruling also included a stipulation that the hearing process be quickened, so the appeal does not linger in the courts for years to come.

“In light of the stay’s potential impact on respondents, however, we further conclude that this appeal should be expedited,” the document reads.

The court ordered the length of time provided to the state engineer’s office to prepare its case be shortened by more than two months, dictating that the state engineer’s opening brief be filed by Feb. 15 rather than April 23. This, at least, was one aspect of the ruling that Pahrump Fair Water was pleased to see.

“While we are disappointed with the issuance of the stay by the Nevada Supreme Court, we are encouraged by their recognition that the appeal should be expedited,” Dave Rigdon of Taggart and Taggart LTD, the firm representing Pahrump Fair Water, stated of the ruling.

“The court made clear that it will not tolerate any attempt to delay a final determination of this matter,” he continued. “The district court has already determined that the state engineer’s actions in this case clearly violated our members’ constitutional rights and that the state engineer does not have the power to regulate domestic wells in this manner. We believe that once the Nevada Supreme Court has had a full opportunity to review the record in this case, they will agree and Order #1293A will be overturned.”

77722 Stay

This appeal is filed under case number 77722. All associated documents can be found by visiting www.nvcourts.gov

State Engineer Jason King resigns, Tim Wilson appointed

Following nearly three decades of employment with the Silver State and 8 years as Nevada State Engineer, Jason King has officially retired.

Another long-time state employee, Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Deputy Administrator Tim Wilson has been appointed to the post.

According to a news release sent out by the office, King was selected as state engineer in 2010 and he has spent the intervening years striving to regulate water resources in what is considered “the driest state in the nation.” His resignation was effective as of Friday, Jan. 11.

Wilson takes over as acting state engineer at the behest of Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Director Bradley Crowell. Wilson will also be performing the duties of acting administrator for the Nevada Division of Water Resources as well. He was welcomed to his position with an expression of optimism by newly sworn in Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak.

“I am grateful for Jason’s service to Nevada and his steadfast leadership to thoughtfully managing our precious water resources. We are in a new era of water management in Nevada, and my administration will continue to tackle our most challenging water issues head-on in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the next State Engineer,” Sisolak stated. “I am confident Tim Wilson will continue the direction and progress established under Jason’s leadership on the many critical water issues and policies that affect all Nevadans.”

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  1. This is Agenda 21, Agenda 30 at work again. Get the #$@&( out of our business.

  2. The fact is that the demand on Pahrump domestic wells is an attempt by the forces behind the planned Yucca Mountain repository and the need of 10,000 acre feet of water to maintain nuclear waste. There have been so many lies regarding safety, the water of the great basin some 2000 ft below the surface, that has to be pumped a 1000 ft to be used for the Yucca dumpsite, the trillion dollars of expenses necessary to create the rail lines to bring it in from around the country to the 8 billion dollar 5 mile hole at Yucca mountain. Tim Wilson is a gopher for Steve Sisolak, we do not need another authority to interfere with the lives of Nevada. Why are we allowing the state engineer to fight the people of Nevada with our tax dollars, there is more to this story than what meets the eye. COBRA

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