Political Musician, Jordan Page Pays Tribute to Lavoy Finicum in New Film Set to be Released

We fell in love with our latest guest, Jordan Page, who is a brilliant political musician.  In our interview with him, Jordan discusses his latest hit single, “The Ballod of Lavoy Finicum (A Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom)”, what inspired him to write this song, how it got included in a new film coming out and how he is using it to help Lavoy’s family.

This is a heart-warming story of a wonderful soul, a wonderful tribute, and a wonderful cause.  For those of you who are not familiar with Lavoy Finicum, please look it up.  It is another terrible tragedy of government corruption and murder.  Last year, VLTV also had Shawna Cox and Lazaro Ecenarro on the show, who did a great job of explaining exactly why the Bundy Ranch was being targeted to be taken over by the Bureau of Land Management or BLM.

You can find that interview here:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/l3fsFOrkjdU/

We get more explanation of the Bundy tragedy with Jordan sharing his story of how he became involved.  I would urge everyone to watch this tremendously moving interview.

Please check out Jordan’s website: https://JordanPageMusic.com and consider purchasing his new hit single.  50% of the proceeds from this song will go directly to Lavoy Finicum’s family to help them in their pursuit of justice, as they are suing the government for wrongful death.

Enjoy the interview – Jordan also does a surprise impromptu song for us that will be included on his new album coming out!

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