Facebook shuts down Church group’s paid campaign to endorse William Perry Pendley

The patch of Heaven’s web page for the Petition.

Victor and Annette Fuentes, have been fighting the USFW for over ten years, trying to restore the water that was diverted illegally from their property in Armogosa Valley of Nevada.  Mountain States Legal Foundation founded by William Perry Pendle has been representing them in a civil action related to the Stolen Water.

Last week, after learning that Mr. Pendle had resigned as president of the foundation, they were concerned about their case going forward and how it might be impacted.

Wednesday, through an article published by the Daily Caller, they learned that Mr. Pendle was on the list of people being considered for Nomination by President Trump to replace outgoing Interior Secretary Zenke.

Having the experience they have with his foundation, the wanted to encourage folks to show their support by signing a petition on their web page http://patchofheaven.org.  We began posting the link on social media with a short explanation of what it was about.  Shortly after we began sharing it on Facebook, the posts were being marked as Spam, we assume by the AI bot that Facebook is running and not personally reviewing.

Failed Boost of post on Facebook

After submitting a review request to each message in the facebook support inbox, the posts have now, all been reviewed and restored.

We decided to boost the post by creating an ad to have it appear for a limited market of our page subscribers and their friends.  The ad was approved and began being presented in the people’s news feed as sponsored.  After being displayed 82 times and receiving 2 clicks, the ad was suddenly rejected and was no longer being displayed.

When I looked at the ad to see what was up, got the following message “Become Authorized to Run This Type of Ad”, with the following instructions “We require Pages to be authorized to run ads related to politics and issues of national importance. You can read about how we define this group of ads to understand why your ad falls into this category”.

Apparently, this is the policy that has been put in place to keep foreign actors from posting political posts on Facebook. The process requires me to turn on two-factor authentication on my account, give my mailing address, submit copies(photos) of the Front and Back of my id, as well as the last 4 digits of my SSN. Done? No, I must now wait to receive a letter with a confirmation code in up to 10 days, and then log into Facebook and confirm my address using that code.

Mind you, the post was marked as spam, a review was requested and the post was approved by Facebook and restored.  I can share the post anywhere on Facebook but I can not pay them to share it for me.  Also, keep in mind that my account has been verified previously with my ID for other reasons. My account was actually deleted for accusations of copyright infringement that I was not allowed to protest.  Months later, my account was finally restored after legal action by the creator of the shared media that was being claimed by someone else. Thank you, Mr. Lamb.

Ok, Now I am really frustrated. So I upload my ID enter my address, same as the ID and the credit card accepted to pay for the ad.  I enter the last 4 of my SSN. oh and I had to answer what country I was located in even though I already entered my Address.  A few minutes later I get a message that I am temporarily approved for political ads.

Unfortunately, it still won’t let me create an ad or boost the post.

Please take a Moment to visit the page at http://patchofheaven.org/campaigns/

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