Redoubt News Wins 1st Amendment Battle

The rights of all are being challenged by someone that has publicly stated that he fights FOR these very rights.

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Redoubt News Wins 1st Amendment Battle

We acted in good faith. Several people were attacked during this conflict. Redoubt News will always stand behind our journalists and affiliates in this battle. We will never sit back and allow their integrity to be put into question over unfounded accusations.

by Shari Dovale

The right to Free Speech and Freedom of the Press are God-given rights, guaranteed by the US Constitution.

In our ongoing fight for Freedom in this country, Redoubt News continues to bring you the truth about ongoing abuses to these, and other, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

Not only have we shown the world what lengths our government will take to silence our voices, but now, we must bring you the truth about individuals attempting to silence us.

These individuals are self-proclaimed members of what is known as the “Patriot Community”. This community is a group of concerned Americans fighting for their Liberties. Sharing the word of government over reach, the truth about abuses within the Federal court system, and more, everyone has a part to play in this battle against Socialism, and we applaud everyone that helps to make a difference.

Redoubt News has recently brought you the stories from several events n the great state of Montana. We shared with you Live broadcasts of the Freedom & Property rally in Paradise, the Fully Informed Jury Association‘s symposium, and the Randy Weaver, survivor of Ruby Ridge, interview.

Shortly after the Weaver interview we, and our reporter and affiliates, were attacked via “Copyright Infringement” complaints on Facebook and You Tube. These complaints were baseless in nature, yet we took the high road and attempted to deal with the issue in a mature, responsible way.

Our attempts to resolve the issue quickly were rejected by the complainant, John Lamb, and he responded to our efforts by escalating the issue to the court level. Our credibility was challenged, as well as out honesty and integrity. This is not something that we could overlook.

We are here to tell you the status of that situation and the truth about this ongoing battle.

Redoubt News investigative reporter, Wendy Kay, attended and Live streamed the FIJA event on Feb. 9th. During the evening, a member of the audience told John Lamb about Randy Weaver living nearby, and offered to make a connection with him for an interview. Lamb did not initiate that contact.

Lamb went to Wendy and told her about it, and invited her to be a part of the event.

On Saturday, Feb. 10th, many folks met with Randy over brunch at a public restaurant. They got to know him and explained about live streaming. Weaver was excited to share his story.

Permission is not required in a public venue, however, Wendy had already been given permission to record this interview. But, Wendy is a diligent person and wanted to be extra sure that everything was acceptable to all parties. While she was on the phone with me, she again asked Lamb if everything was okay for her to live stream this interview to Redoubt News. He said yes, reiterating it more than once.

I posted online for people to be ready for this live interview, advertising it in several online locations, and directly contacted a couple of people that are good about sharing our news. The importance of getting Weaver’s interview to as many people as possible was paramount in my mind.

I contacted the Pete Santilli show and asked them if they would like to pick up our live stream and share it. They have a very large reach that goes around the world. I was very pleased when they agreed.

Wendy helped set up the room for the interview. Though John Lamb offered to allow Wendy to use his spare tripod to make it easier for her, she opted to kneel in front of the table so that another cameraman, known as Captain Morgan, could walk around while he live streamed on Lamb’s behalf. During the filming, Wendy’s granddaughter had to switch out with her, so that Wendy could stretch her legs.

There were multiple cameras in use and live streaming during the interview.

During the interview, questions were asked via the chatroom. Wendy presented several questions from the Redoubt News chatroom, which were answered by Lamb and Weaver.

At the end of the interview, Lamb asked Wendy to stop live streaming so that he could set up for a separate interview, with the intentions of making a documentary later. Lamb said she was allowed to record the next interview, but asked her not to live stream it. Wendy decided not to continue to record or live stream and packed her equipment. When she was asked to stop the live stream, she immediately complied. Her part was over.

She then went and paid for Mr. Weaver’s lunch before she left the restaurant.


Immediately after the interview, I sent a text message jointly to John Lamb, Roger Roots and Wendy Kay thanking them for the great interview. I then went about doing my post-production work, that included sharing the stream to various sites. I downloaded it for later upload to YouTube at that time.

Later that afternoon, I received a call from the Pete Santilli show telling me that John Lamb had just filed a copyright infringement complaint against them for airing the Weaver interview.

I immediately attempted to contact John, believing that he was actually attempting to look out for me, as it was our stream that was picked up and shared. I wanted to reassure John that I had given permission for Santilli to share it. I attempted to call him and text him. I received no response.

The next morning, I again attempted to contact Lamb, via several phone calls and text messages. Lamb never responded to me.

Later that day, Lamb filed another complaint, this time against Wendy Kay and Redoubt News on Facebook. The next day, he again filed a separate complaint with YouTube against Redoubt News. The complaints accused us of taking his video, his property, and putting our name to it. Basically, he was accusing us of theft.

Several complaints were filed with Facebook and YouTube against multiple people that shared our video. We have copies of many of these complaints, with John Lamb’s name as the complaining party. During this time, my personal page was taken down, as well as 2 other personal pages of people that shared our video. Many folks have been affected by the baseless complaints of Lamb.

Wendy and Redoubt News filed responses to the allegations on both venues. Facebook and YouTube explained that they would give Lamb 14 days to file legally in court to stop our video from being viewed.

We were contacted by several mutual friends, offering to mediate the issue with Lamb. Multiple people tried to talk to him about the complaints, and received a variety of stories. They relayed different versions to me concerning why Lamb claimed to have filed these complaints, however, they also reported that he was unwilling to negotiate, or remove his complaints.

I never talked to John, though I tried multiple times.

The most common reason I was given is that Lamb does not like Pete Santilli, and he was angry that Santilli challenged his friend, Gavin Seim, over a copyright issue. I was told that Lamb used the word “payback”. When asked if he knew this was hurting more people than Santilli, I am told that Lamb stated he did not care.

But Lamb did not stop there. On February 21st, Lamb filed for a Temporary Restraining Order with the Gallatin County court in Montana. This was quickly denied, but he still sent it on to Facebook and YouTube. I obtained a copy of the court’s denial and sent that copy to both venues.

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Facebook has also ruled in our favor and restored the video. We anticipate YouTube will follow suit shortly.

Because of the ongoing attacks, and the refusal from Lamb to voluntarily remove his complaints, I have authorized a ‘Cease & Desist’ letter served on him. We have waited long enough. It is time to put this to rest. Again, when someone challenges our integrity and honesty, that is not something that we can ignore.

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This is a 1st amendment issue, as well. The rights of all are being challenged by someone that has publicly stated that he fights FOR these very rights. We have made every attempt to resolve this issue peacefully, quickly, and without harm to anyone. Every attempt has been rejected.

It is time for John Lamb to explain himself.

****** Editors Comment ********* As many are aware, It Matters How You Stand & Doug Knowles were impacted by this as well. Doug Knowles had his Personal Account deactivated by these False copyright infringement claims.  thanks to Shari Dovale and Redoubt News for taking the effort and spending the Money to fight this Fraud. Watch for our next article that will exp0lain how Facebook Tracks us and what you can do about it.

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