Call-To-Action – Todd Engel Needs Your Help!


Call-To-Action For Todd Engel

Call-To-Action For Todd Engel

Todd Engel is a Political Prisoner being held for his role in the Bunkerville Standoff Trial.

Engel attempted to represent himself after receiving a court appointed attorney that reportedly fell asleep during the trial.

This was allowed for a short time, until Engel mentioned the forbidden name of Dan Love. Judge Gloria Navarro immediately stripped Engel of his right to self-representation for mentioning the name of the disgraced Special Agent in Charge during the Standoff. Love has since been fired from the BLM.

Engel was convicted of two lesser offenses. He was not convicted of either Conspiracy charge, nor any gun-related charges. He is scheduled for sentencing on December 22, 2017.

Engel should be nearing his release date, as the charges he was convicted of do not have mandatory minimums or long sentencing recommendations. But the government have released new recommendations for him that include guidelines for charges of which he was never convicted.

Engel finally was able to fire his first attorney only to be appointed a new attorney that would not take his phone calls. He has fired this man as well, and thought he would have to represent himself during the sentencing.

However, Engel has found an attorney that appears genuinely concerned for Todd and wants to help him during the sentencing phase. But this man is not court-appointed and Engel needs to pay for his services.

There is a short time for this to happen. Please consider helping Todd and his family raise the funds to pay for a decent attorney to help Todd. If you would like to help Todd pay for his attorney, this is the link set up by his sister –  Any amount will help.

The following live-stream video is by Andrea Parker, wife of defendant Eric Parker, and Kelli Cooper, Todd’s sister. There is more information here, and Kelli reads a letter from Todd. (There is no sound the first minute or so, and Andrea starts over when that is corrected.)

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