Other FBI agents at scene of LaVoy Finicum shooting testified before grand jury

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  1. The Coroner report said Lavoy was murdered. He was hit 3 times in the back with the bullets passing through indicating close range. Bullets were striking the vehicle before and after it stopped. How can law enforcement say this was a typical traffic stop with a road block and snipers? Why did they open fire on the truck after it stopped? This bad and the federal government as usual will do everything it can to cover it up. The FBI cannot be trusted it appears.

  2. Body cam evidence will explain things much clearer check with govenor of Oregon Kate Brown and legislature. After the murder of Finnicum Kate Brown held on to the body cam evidence and tried to lock down the evidence to protect police officers and tried to make a law to keep it a secret failed at the legislature. I have herd that the last legislative session did pass the bill. Note sure about this but Kate Brown did have the body cam evidence after the murder.

  3. Yes, explain the 200 bullet holes in the truck. The forest service burned the entire area and likely picked up any remaining evidence.

  4. The drone had picture perfect clear images, even the wires from the taser could be seen prior to them blurring the focus…

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