VIDEO: Anti-Marxism group plans to block Golden Gate Bridge Wednesday morning

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A group plans to block the Golden Gate Bridge Wednesday morning in a “March Against Marxism.”

The group called “Conservative Rustles” is calling for demonstrators to meet in San Francisco at 9 a.m. and march along the bridge.

“We will not let traffic pass until the city of San Francisco agrees that ‘Antifa’ is a terrorist organization,” the event’s description says.

The event even asks participants to bring their children saying “Antifa wouldn’t dare hurt the future generation of America, or would they…?”

Statement from the California Highway Patrol:

As a statewide law enforcement agency, the CHP plays a direct role in helping to protect the public and coordinates closely with local authorities when there are significant disturbances and gatherings in California. While everyone has a Constitutional right to protest and assemble — and we treat everyone equally, regardless of the message — violence, such as throwing objects, hurting others or damaging property, is not protected speech under the U.S. Constitution. We will continue to work closely with local officials ahead of any future events in California and stand ready to take action to protect public safety should any demonstration become violent. Additionally, accessing state highways or roads to protest is not only unlawful, but also extremely dangerous because it puts protestors, motorists, and first responders at great risk of injury or death.

KRON4 is reaching out to the group as well as police to gather more information on what may happen tomorrow morning.

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