It Matters How You Stand, Does that define what you are standing for?

LaVoy Finicum, shot and killed by our Government on January 26, 2016, on a remote dead man’s curve of Hwy 395 in Oregon between Burn and John Day Oregon. LaVoy a Constitutional Advocate, Rancher, Husband, Father and True Patriot, was and still is teaching us about fighting peacefully for what we are losing when we allow our God given rights to be taken.


Our Name for this place on the internet was chosen very carefully to promote and advocate “Standing for our God Given Rights and Freedoms as they are Guaranteed by the US Constitution Through Education and Activism”. Most people have heard about our Patriot LaVoy Finicum. One of his many inspirational quotes he left us with is:

“It doesn’t matter how it ends, It Matters How You Stand”

The concept of God Given (Natural) Rights and Freedoms is the foundation of our United States Constitution and the ability to exercise them within the concept of Liberty. But whats the difference between Freedom and Liberty?

Freedom is a singular act of any individual to exercise their Natural Rights. Liberty is the pursuit of the conceptional practice of Exercising Freedoms while allowing for and respecting those same rights exercised also by others. It includes providing a method of resolution when those same freedoms may conflict with those of others.

This weekend in Charlottesville Virgina, A group of individuals exercised their Freedoms to speak of and believe in an unpopular ideology, their Confederate history, and heritage. Many have referred to them as “White Nationalist”, “Alt-Right” among many other more derogatory labels. This group lawfully requested and received a permit for the event. A protest about the removal of public, monuments depicting that heritage and the people in their history that made us what we are today.

Many different types of Americans, share this same concern about our right to our heritage and history to be honored.  The big difference appears to be that that same history and heritage lost the battle of a Civil War. Many believe honoring our leaders and history whatever or whoever they may be is a right and freedom that they should be able to exercise.

What was the Civil War really about? Was it about Slavery? Most would say yes it was. It was many things, not the least of which was the practice of Slavery.

Debates concerning the true causes of the Civil War are unlikely to cease.  Historians often cherry-pick evidence that supports preconceived notions while ignoring large quantities of contradictory material.  When that impulse is fueled by a fervent desire to find reconciliation and consensus, as was the case after the Civil War, the work of historians becomes especially murky.  Primary sources such as the Declarations of Causes are essential to a balanced study of history.

What ultimately led to the Civil War and Succession from The Union was a complex matter of States Rights. It was a very profound turning point in our American history and the fate and strength of our Constitution.

One could compare it to the effects of the Patriot Act today. The end result is that We The People, give away our constitutional ability to the protect exercising of more Natural Rights and Freedoms. The Loss of Liberty!

Our Constitutional Republic was created as and upon the concept of We the People, being able to ultimately decide that the Republic may not be what we want to be part of. As happened in the Civil War and was codified by Declarations of Succession by the several Southern States.

What happened to Liberty? Out of this point in our history, came many new laws and legislation allowing the federal Government to circumvent We The People by restricting their rights and freedoms as a matter of National Security. This began the federal take over of our State Soviernty and Protect for We The People.  We had now become what our founding fathers had predicted and feared. All in the name of protecting the Union against We The People.

So why is what happened Saturday in Charlottesville Virgina important?  As constitutionalists, we thrive on Liberty.  The freedom to speak, believe and advocate peacefully whether we agree with the things being disseminated or not.  Were there people there that were White Nationalists?  Yes.  Were there people there that were anti-fascists there? Yes. Were there people there that were black Lives Matters there? Yes. Were there people there that were Constitutionalists and Patriots? Yes.

Were there people there that were two or more of these things? Yes.  Being a constitutionalist by its definition means that you believe in Freedom. As such you must respect each other’s right to exercise theirs as well. Does that mean that you support the ideology that they are expressing? No, but we respect their right to do so peaceably.

Anarchy, Rioting, and Violence are not what being a Constitutionalist is about. Constitutionalists are defenders! Defenders of Liberty.

Be clear, very clear, What happened in Charlottesville yesterday was not about White Nationalists, Black Lives Matter or Antifa. It was about constitutionalists supporting everyone’s freedom to feel how they feel but still respect Liberty!

There is no room for Hate in Liberty!

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