Roger Stone Calls Out Donald Trump To Release Bundy Rancher Prisoners

Published on Jul 16, 2017

Roger Stone calls out Donald Trump at the STAND Event in Las Vegas, asks him to pardon the Bundy’s, who were incarcerated during the Oregan Standoff. Host Tony Sweet and Captain Ron attended the event hosted by Dean Ryan in Las Vegas. Sign the petition to help convince President Donald to Pardon them at

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  1. I came to this sight to sign a petition …..Stating I Prayed that President Trump would PARDON everyone of the persons involved in Bundy Trial…. I did not see a petition listed here to sign.

  2. Tell Trump to kick the Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the butt and have him look into this unjustice.. It is his job !

  3. Please post the petition to President Trump asking for the release of all those imprisoned for taking a stand with the Bundy family in protest against illegal acts and restrictions prohibiting Constitutional Rights ! Also asking for the release of Dwight and Steven Hammond and
    Miss Robertson! They are being persecuted (not prosecuted) by viscous appointed 9th Circuit Federal Judges! Their trials have been manipulated by Judge Navarro , defense not allowed to produce information, Jury not allowed to be informed of critical evidence! These trials are viciously unfair,! Please help!

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