Michele Fiore – She Matters Because of How She Stands

In this case, it matters how you aim your sniper rifle!

I don’t think that you can find a better example of how It Matters How You Stand than newly elected City Council Woman Michele Fiore. Her conservative values, respect, and support for the United States Constitution as it defines the structure and government roles of our Constitutional Republic, are hard to find in City, County, State or Federal Politics anywhere today.

Tuesday 6-14-2017, Michelle, secured her position as City Council Women for Ward 6, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Her victory was not easy, as the last minute smear campaign, reduced her early voting 8 points lead to an only 1 point victory.  The win on election night was estimated to as close as 150-200 actual votes.

Far be it, however, for her liberal opponents. Just like everywhere in the news lately, concession and back to the work of the people, is not happening now that the election is over. According to an article by 360DAILY.net,

June 18, 2017

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Elect Michele Fiore takes a breath after a long hard fought campaign against the wife of the long time sitting Las Vegas Councilman, Steve Ross. But one week ago today the left wing local media was attempting to smear Michele and help Kelli win. Last minute strategic media reports hit Michele and her supporters in a way meant to hurt her at the polls.

The RJ Headlines read: “The Clark County Democratic Party contends Las Vegas City Council candidate Michele Fiore may have misappropriated campaign funds, in a complaint filed Tuesday with the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office.”

“I-Team: Fiore campaign money use in question”

But according to Michele, not one of those news outlets called to get her side of the story, which as expected ended up being last minute political lies thrown out hoping to slow her down at the polls. The inside secret was Michele was ahead in early voting by 8 points.

And the local media’s liberal slant was even more exposed when those same news outlets refused to report that Kelli Ross’ campaign consultant was found guilty by the “THE FAIR POLITICAL PRACTICES COMMISSION” of political corruption.

But 360Daily.Net did report Kelli Ross’ questionable judgment in choosing a consultant who was convicted of corruption and yes we called Ross’ campaign to get her side unlike those other “BALANCED” news outlets here in town.

360Daily.Net proved this week why Las Vegas needs our news outlet to even up the reporting by those other guys who claim to be “unbiased real journalists.”

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter


June 17:

Correction: 360Daily.net was provided with informaiton after our story came out that some news outlets did reach out to Michele Fiore’s staff for comment. And in fact, those news outlets proceeded to run the smear story after receiving informaiton that their story was false and misleading.

As Michele has proven many times over in her Political endeavors, she has what it takes and the stance that is necessary to do what needs to be done.  We wish her all the best and great successes in her new position serving the community of Las Vegas and Ward 6.


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  1. I for one have much appreciated Ms. Fiore’s support of the Patriots and their attempt to expose the federal government’s long history of unconstitutional and therefore illegal actions in the quest for power over the People. She is to be commended for doing what ALL of our state officials should be doing.

    However, Michelle Fiore failed miserably when the accompanying photo was taken. It’s obvious that she is not prepared to fire the rifle, as she is not even close to observing the target through the scope. And because she is not ready to fire, her index finger should be outside the trigger guard to prevent an accidental firing of what is a dangerous firearm. Michelle, go back to a firearms class, and take the clueless photographer with you.

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