The Las Vegas Blue Wall Of Silence: Not So Invisible After First Bundy Ranch Trial 04/12/2017





Wednesday – April 12, 2017

by Deb Jordan

As an Independent journalist it has not been easy to penetrate the Blue Wall Of Silence that exist in Las Vegas Nevada. Frustratingly, politicians and local officials were willing to talk to me all day long about the corruption in the Las Vegas City Metro Police Dept. but only with the understanding that their comments would be kept “off the record” and their “identities” not exposed. “I mean after all, I gotta live and work in this town” seemed to be the favored, almost robotic response when asked if I could quote them or use their name in my upcoming article — and so, the corruption cycles on. Unfortunately, there is corruption in many police departments, which overshadows the majority of officers who are doing right by the law. Such corruption includes brutality and false arrests, amongst a long list of crimes. If you can relate to and are a victim of such corruption, it’s advised that you contact a Wrongful Arrest Attorney like Mitchel Ashley to find justice, just as I am trying to achieve as an independent journalist.

Attorney’s defending the men who were arrested on charges stemming from the Bundy Ranch Protest in April of 2014 near Bunkerville, Nevada, not only experienced the Blue Wall Of Silence, but listened in disbelief as one LVMP Officer after another took the stand and lied through their teeth on behalf of the Bureau Of Land Management who they privately acknowledge escalated the situation and were ultimately the aggressors in the wash that day. One of the defense attorney’s had this to say;

I interviewed several Metro Police Officers who I had hoped would testify for the defense. Many of them readily admitted the BLM f##ked up that day and were clearly being overly aggressive – however, those same officers were just as adamant in their belief, there could never be a situation or any excuse whatsoever for anyone in The United States of America to point a weapon at a law enforcement officer.

I mean, how do I call a witness who is going to say something like that on the stand?

I did not anticipate officers who absolutely knew the BLM was at fault, would take the stand for the Prosecution and carry out a obviously preconceived, cohesive plan to lie under oath and send a convoluted message to the jury that they were in fear for their lives when they encountered protestors on April 12, 2014. They said they cried, got right with God, called to say goodbye to their wives, and then readied themselves to die…. All a bunch of garbage.

Cliven Bundy shakes hands with Sheriff Doug Gillespi day of protest

In reality, in the hundreds of video and photo’s taken on the day of the protest there is not one image depicting tears being shed by LVMP, but instead we have an overwhelming number of images where officers are smiling and shaking hands with protestors, officers posing for photo’s with protestors, and officers giving interviews. It can’t be stated enough that not one single report filed by the LVMPD in the following days after the protest mentioned anything about fear, or praying, or calling their wives and preparing to die. It would not be until three years later on the witness stand that stories would magically change to fit the narrative of Prosecutor Steven Myhre and the Bureau of Land Management.

In his column for the independent newspaper “The Las Vegas Tribune”, former LVMPD Detective George Martines, regularly blows the corruption whistle on the Las Vegas Police force. In a recent article, he had this to say about his former place of employment;

As with President Trump’s administration which is riddled with “diehard, deep-seated Obama supporters,” the LVMPD also has former “Sheriff Douglas Gillespie diehard supporters,” and corrupt loyalists that all must keep the current corrupt police administration maintained and protected, and will stamp out anyone attempting to expose their past wrongdoings, and major criminal acts, such as murder, rape, robbery, bribery, theft, fraud, narcotics violations, political fraud, extortion, evidence-tampering, false arrest, destruction of official documents, witness tampering, workman’s compensation fraud, vehicle maintenance fraud, fake narcotic dogs, jail construction fraud, helicopter maintenance fraud, police radio fraud, Constitutional violations, all committed against LVMPD employees, and the citizens residing in Clark County, and in the State of Nevada. The list of wrongdoings by the LVMPD goes on and on without any ending date in sight.

Lately, it is apparent that the Federal Government will gladly go after the little guy, and spare no expense or effort to prosecute (as an example) rancher Cliven Bundy, his family members and the supporting American Patriots for daring to peacefully protest the overreach of the Federal Government, to obtain their grazing lands, which also includes mineral rights. Everyone should pay close attention to this prosecution as it will drastically affect any future peaceful protest in this country.

Eric Parker’s wife Andrea Olson Parker

As family members of the defendants ready themselves for closing arguments they anticipate prosecutors will once again repeat the false narrative offered up to the Jury by the BLM, Nevada State Highway Patrol, and Las Vegas Metro Police; A narrative they say is very hard to listen to as it is so obviously and unbearably a horrible lie.

Journalist Pete Santilli whose trial is set to begin on June 5th, 2017 along with Ryan Payne, and Cliven, Ammon, and Ryan Bundy says,

“The process of this trial started in February and only 1/10th of the facts about what really happened at the protest out in Bunkerville have been heard by this Jury.

Any Jury allowed to hear all the facts would be moved to acquit, but it appears the court has tried to set up these attorney’s to fail miserably after crushing witness testimony that would reveal nothing but the truth. We must have faith the jury has seen through the lies.


The Government wanted a pound of flesh from the Bundy Family, and they wanted to blame We the People for mistakes the BLM made that day. It is now up to We the People to make sure that no matter what the outcome of these trials, a push for investigations into all the key players should definitely happen – We should not rest until the Prosecutors Office, the BLM, Metro Police, Nevada State Highway Patrol, and Judge Gloria Navarro are all held accountable for their ongoing conspiracy to jail innocent men for exercising their 1st and second amendment rights in the United States of America..”


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Deb Jordan is the Co-host and Segment Producer for The Pete Santilli Show - Broadcasting in Cincinnati Ohio.

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  1. Deb, the former officer exposing the corruption is “Gordon Martines” not George, he also ran for Sheriff there. Had he won the people would have had a true constitutional sheriff.

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