Bundy Ranch Wives Call For Support and Court Room Update

Atrocities in Gloria Navarro’s Federal Court Room today have the Bundy Ladies and everyone there dumbfounded and appalled.  What is happening? What Can We do?

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  1. I cannot be with you in person but you have all been in my prayers, posts and emails as well as many discussions with others. Also I a m a PMP letter writer and have written and received letters to and from every one plus the Hammonds and Joe Robertson. I have written and also CA!!Ed and left messages to electeds and the White House.
    Now I realize I should have obtained your addresses to encourage you! I feel I know you all. I am a 78 year old retired widow from Texas where I lived within 50 miles of my birthplace the first 75 years of my life. My grandson and his wife and 5 children live in Marble Community near Northport WA. My grandson was severely hurt in an accident 3 1/2 years ago. The Lord led me to move up here to help. It has been a blessing for all of us. Barry and Anne Byrd are the pastorx of our church and through them I gained knowledge of the illegal, outrageous actions the federal government has taken against all of you! If it helps at all please remember tremendous urgent prayer is being offered up for all concerned and you are all loved!
    Instill see if anyone in our community can possibly head your way for support and regret I can be there with you!
    With Sincere love and a caring heart from Marilyn Jo Smith

  2. Who do you call when no one listens? We keep calling anyways. Navarro’s Sen Harry Reids personal puppet, You CAN Fire her! Not a life time position… only on good behavior. and so. we need to find someone who can actually fire this Luciferian Judge.

  3. This is terrible and a injustice. I would be there but am in California. Regarding writing to calling our representatives ours are screwing us and don’t listen to us. They refused to even comment back and only send back a form letter. I pray your husbands will win; may God be with you all.

  4. Well the government seems to be burying your guys it sucks and it needs to be stopped hopefully the president will stop this son.

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