Las Vegas 8 News Now reports on Dennis Michael Lynch’s testimony at the Bundy Ranch Standoff trial today 3-8-17

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  1. These people are NOT anti-government. They ARE anti-corruption within the government. The Bundy cattle were NOT grazing illegally. Cliven Bundy PAID for grazing rights. He wanted to pay grazing fees to the State of Nevada, NOT the federal government. The BLM has driven more than 50 ranchers out of Nevada through over-reach of their authority. This is NOT all about the cattle. It IS about government over-reach. The men currently on trial in Nevada were not there to shoot at anyone. They went there to see for themselves what was going on. They had seen an un-armed Grandmother get thrown onto the hard ground by a government employee. They had seen the cattle coral where the BLM expected protesters to stand within to excersize their right to free speech, far away from where things were happening.

  2. This news report spreads the false narrative that the federal government occupies the moral high ground and is usually right. The video shows heavily armed BLM agents. The question is: Where did the BLM get authority to have heavily armed law enforcers in addition to the local sheriff and the local police? An even better question is where did the BLM get their constitutional authority to exist in the first place?

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