Wife & Children of Political Prisoner, Mel Bundy, Turned away from visiting after driving 2 hours to Pahrump, Nevada.

Briana shares her Experience today when attempting to visit her husband Mel Bundy at The CCA Operated - Nevada Southern Detention Center.  Mel Bundy is one of the Bundy Ranch Political Prisoners that have been held for a year in this facility without pretrial release and not convicted.  This is not the first time, one of the ladies with their kids has been treated badly. Please take a look at what she has to share. I have included the Visitation FAQ from the facilities website. Please consider consider sharing and/or  contacting the Warden at this facility and ask why this is happening to the women at the facility. Please be polite and respectful if you do.


Nevada Southern Detention Center

Customer base: U.S. Marshals Service

Facility Type: Medium

2190 East Mesquite Avenue,
Pahrump, NV 89060
T: 775-751-4500

F: 775-751-8763

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  3. Poor Briana – and the kiddos…FYI, she was not being a raging lunatic on the video…but if she would like free lessons, I’m available to teach…LOL.
    For profit prisons, jails, and detention centers DO need to come to a screeching halt immediately. She is absolutely correct in that assessment.

  4. Schaeffer Cox’s mother brought his two children, age 5 1/2 & 8 to see him from Fairbanks Alaska to Marion, Illinois for the first time he had seen them in 5 1/2 years, for a three hour visit and they kept him in the hall way for an hour and a half of it for no reason. He is another political prisoner, like the Bundy’s. He didn’t commit any crime, even thought crime but he got a 26 year sentence from a kangaroo court that was not allowed to hear any real evidence. Government made up a weird story and accused him of plotting to kill judges and state troopers but gave no proof except lies from some paid criminals who were unable to get any proof either. Didn’t matter. Government has an agenda to brainwash us into thinking about guns and about justice in a vastly different way.

  5. He is not the only prisoner being held in these private for profit prisons. This is happening all over the country. After Donald Trump’s election the stock prices for these private prisons like the Corrections Corporation of America more than doubled as Mr. Trump and now his Attorney General Jeff Sessions favor private prisons. In order to make money these prisons which have been rightfully criticized for having harsh conditions and bad food need to get and keep prisoners as they are paid for every one behind bars. Something is really wrong here. The United States has more people behind bars than any other country in the world. That number has increased since prisons have been privatized .

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