Who are we? What do we stand for? How do we do it?

We are the supporters and followers of a group of very special men, who are following gods promise and acting with gods direction and blessing received through the Holy Spirit.  God has given vision to them and let many of us see those visions as well.

Many of us, more each day, have dedicated our own daily efforts in many forms and methods to the pursuit and support of their efforts.  We endure with them the trials and overwhelming opposition they battle at each and every turn.

We, see them as mentors, teachers and examples of perseverance, sacrifice and faith in this constitutional battle.  We admire their dedication and understanding of their calling to this end. We are amazed by the grounded presentation of the truth and the unwavering respect, courtesy and love they continue to give  those around them. Supporters as well as those who persecute and attack their very characters and soles.

At the same time we battle our own feelings and suffer our own trials, but yet we are human. We feel many emotions, sadness, fear, anger and frustration.  Our Patriot Political Prisoners feel these things as well..  We are blessed to have them and their extraordinary example of how the battle, is to be not only fought, but won, through the act of example instead of hate and personal attacks. Through the act of listening and patience for things that they should not have to endure.

We turn it into or own battles and we react to our own feelings as well as the actions against us separately and through our Patriots.  We must follow and learn all skills needed in this important battle.

In our faith, we have a leader who walked on this earth, to not only give us truth, teachings and example, but his life for our sins and understanding of his eternal grace.  These men, have these beliefs and understanding and are using them on our behalf..  they also have the grounded, faith, love and direction of the holy spirit and pray and receive gods assistance in the mission they are on.

The message is more than fighting tyranny and saving the constitution. The message is also gods love through our faith and humbled spirit.  WE must have the same passion for their leadership and methods of teaching by example and understanding.

Could you see, LaVoy, Ammon, Cliven, Ryan, Mel or Davy letting the trials and retribution of those that harbor evil and distain to their persons and character, change their response from any other?  The weapons of their battle are patience, love, understanding, but most of all respect!  Respect for the person in spite of their attacks. In spite of their anger, in spite of their circumstance.  They practice the biblical concepts of teaching by example. Through their actions, through their tempered reactions, through the unearned and often unappreciated attacks upon them from others they seek to teach.

The message is delivered with a very healthy dose of walking the concepts of what they wish to teach, that it may not only be delivered through the words but the actions of the teachers.

It has been a long battle and started for many of them long before the the Bundy Ranch in 2014.  But the message has spread and at the same time the opposition.  We all feel the attacks and we all suffer each others casualties.  But like our Beloved LaVoy, It matters not how it ends, it only Matter How You Stand!

I myself have been battling these human emotions, that have more ability to hurt us than they could ever have to lead us to victory in the battle being led by this great men that are so close to god.

Thank you Jeanette for your troubled, tearful reminder in the BLM meeting last night.  Myself and many others have had our minds and emotions refocused and can once again, begin to focus on the truth, the love and the faith of teaching by example. Just as you said, the legacy of your Lavoy is a method of fighting the good fight in the best of Good Ways, through example and actions that radiate the light of love and glory that is in the promise of our lord.

I, like many others, feel your love and pain. And I promise to strive hard and focus more to follow in his example and promote his legacy through my actions in spite of any of the adversities.

Lord, please guide us, please humble us, please let us have clear faith and understanding not only of our own desires, trials and tribulations, but those of others, both friend and foe, and that we may treat each with the same love and understanding.


“This message is dedicated to our Patriot Political Prisoners and their Families in appreciation for their unending sacrifice and faith in themselves and others that we all may make a difference with each action we may take.”
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