Mel Bundy’s Wife Updates us on Reactions and responses from CCA Nevada Southern Detention Center

Briana Bundy updates us on the follow-up from CCA Privately Operated Nevada Southern Detention Center. In yesterday's article, she explained her bad experience she had when she tried to visit her Husband Mel Bundy with here children. They had driven over two hours to the facility and because of her children which are permitted and have never been an issue in the past.

She shares a lot. She touches on the response of staff to our calls and complaints share by her husband Mel Bundy in a phone conversation Today. She also elaborates on many of the abusive issues in this and other facilities and why they occur. 

The federal government prosecutors, actively intimidate and scare the detainees without pre-trial release in and effort to obtain plea agreements from the detainees, that they would not otherwise make.  The US Marshals  and CCA are active participants in the process.  

Facebook Post from Briana Bundy

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  1. This shit needs to end maybe our President will come to the aid of these men and shut these dang places down and end the stuff that is happening to the people in these places they need to be held accountable for all this that is going on God BLESS THE PEOPLE IN THESE HELL HOLES THAT ARE CCA DAM NOT HUMAN IN ANYWAY AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN NOW NOT LATER President Trump please help these people housed in the CCAs all over this great country

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