Attorneys Denied Access Before Trial

Prison refuses to grant group meeting…

Tier 3 defendants now reside at the Henderson Detention Center in Henderson, NV. Henderson is closer to the Courthouse which makes for a substantially reduced commute to and from trial. Henderson also has individual cells, (as opposed to Pahrump’s 50 bunk bed per pod layout); the men should get better sleep. There are issues though.

Motions Denied | Attorneys Denied Access Before TrialFirst, and foremost, the prison prevented a group meeting between defendants, attorneys, and private investigators. Two attorneys and four private investigators waited for hours until the prison informed them that only visits permitted would be one-on-one. Six defendants in Tier 3 each face (now) 15 criminal counts capable of amounting to more than 100 years in prison. Three of the four defendants from Idaho traveled to and from the Bundy Ranch Protest together. Their cases are inseparably relevant one to the other ; they need to have as pre-trial meeting.

Stewart’s attorney motioned for this accommodation. The Court, so far, fails to acknowledge the request. Defendants and attorneys will try again Sunday for a meeting.

No access to discovery either…

Further, nearly all of the evidence in discovery is in electronic format. The prison does not have a PC accessible to prisoners that can review the material. Late developments related to the Bundy Ranch Tyrant and motions to preclude certain evidence mandate a need for access to technology so they’re able to use ediscovery software to look through their own legal files alongside their attorney to be able to build a case.

Parker’s attorney notified the US Marshals the day defendants transferred in to Pahrump. The US Marshals, thus far, refuse to accommodate the request.

Shoes or Soda?

Finally, commissary is the only connection defendants have to normality. Funds on commissary are good for anything from “comfort food” to essentials. In this case, prisoners had to leave their shoes at Pahrump. Ordering shoes through commissary uses most of the weekly allowable limit.

Parker’s spouse, Andrea, had to go shopping for shoes in order to allow defendants to be able to spend commissary on other items. the prison did allow the items in.

Attorneys Denied Access Before Trial

With just one day to go before trial, much is up in the air. The Court has not yet ruled on:

  • Ethics violations of SAC D. Love (The Bundy Ranch Tyrant)
  • Motions to preclude evidence (from both sides)

These outstanding items will greatly impact what the jury hears and sees. Defendants need to be prepared for any possible outcome; this doesn’t seem to be a priority for the “justice” system.


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