The man in this photo is Daniel P. Love — Daniel P. Love was the Bureau Of Land Management’s Special Agent In Charge of rounding up Rancher Cliven Bundy’s Cattle beginning in March 2014.

The man in this photo is Daniel P. Love --- Daniel P. Love was the Bureau Of Land Management's Special Agent In Charge of rounding up Rancher Cliven Bundy's Cattle beginning in March 2014. 

Before SAG Daniel P. Love made his way to Bunkerville Nevada to use violence while violating the Civil Rights of Cliven Bundy and his family, Love had already gained the reputation of being overly aggressive and stepping outside the limit of his authority as a BLM employee.

In this video you will hear Senator Orrin Hatch speaking to then Attorney General Eric Holder about an overly aggressive BLM/FBI operation that ended with 3 people committing suicide -- in particular a prominent Family Physician, Dr. Jame Redd of Blanding Utah. The SAG's of that operation were BLM - Daniel P. Love and FBI - Greg Bretzing; you may recall Bretzing was in charge during the Malhuer Refuge occupation and responsible for agents who fired at LaVoy Finicum and then tried to cover it up. Bretzing has since retired. 

The following link will take you to one of the most comprehensive articles ever written about the death of Dr. James Redd and just how Daniel P. Love was responsible ..

Over the past 3 years I have personally talked to people who worked with Love on the Salt Lake City PD and again when they speak of Love it is a story of ego -- narcissism - and out of control aggression.

It seems that during his career trouble has always followed Love, and Bundy Ranch was no exception. 

A July 2014 report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a national organization that typically refuses to acknowledge truth , said the BLM took an “almost amateurish” approach early in the roundup by bringing in dogs, helicopters and “a lot of weapons” and trying to confine protesters to “First Amendment” areas.…/

Former BLM director Bob Abbey, has repeatedly accused Daniel P Love of being far too aggressive in the way he handled the Bunkerville situation and by not deferring to local law enforcement to protect contract cowboys hired to clear Mr. Bundy's cattle from Public lands Love ultimately caused the situation to escalate.

Attorneys for the defense in the case of the USA vs Cliven Bundy believe that once the the evidence in this case is presented, a well informed Jury will have no choice but to acquit. 

Will the evidence prove that Daniel P. Love was the aggressor at Bundy Ranch? Attorneys say yes it will. 

Prosecutor Steven Myhre will try to sell a Jury the lie that Daniel P. Love is an honorable man who was only trying to do his job - when for no reason what-so-ever people started showing up from all the country to protest him and scare him. Steven Myhre is prepared to lie to a jury and tell them that Daniel P. Love is a victim. 


It is time to start educating the public about just who Daniel P. Love really is. 

Daniel P. love is responsible for bringing over 200 armed and angry BLM Agents - FBI - and other unknown gunmen to Bundy Ranch.

He used "snipers" to intimidate the Bundy Family so they would be too fearful to protest.

Even though the BLM had no arresting power while impounding Cliven Bundy's cattle, they beat a man, took his property and incarcerated him.

Daniel P. Love has over and over again conducted investigations that have lead to death, destruction and suffering.

Daniel P. Love is no victim.

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