Ryan and Ammon Bundy taken to the hole

CALL CONGRESSMAN Cresent Hardy 202-225-9894
Nevada detention center: 775 751 4500 hit 9 to speak to warden secretary … I had to leave a message for her, Hardy’s v/m was full. Of course no one wants to answer the phone and give an account of why the are denying UNCONVICTED MEN their constitutional rights!!!!!!! Ammon being denied to meet with his attorney today? Ryan told he can’t enter the law library with out his id?
Ammon and Ryan physically picked up and carried to the hole!
Confidential calls with attorneys being recorded and given to the prosecution?? Im so sick right now! Im sure Jerry will be in the hole now for calling and reporting this to us.
We need a thousand people at the jail protesting NOW! Look at how our people are being treated!? when will this upset you all enough to GO AND STAND FOR THEM? where is the jail’s accountability!? OUR CONSTITUTION IS GONE AND THESE JAILS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN GANSTERS WITH BADGES ABUSING MEN WHO HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF A DAMN CRIME!



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