Message to Donald Trump, President Elect: “Let Our People Go!!”

Published on Dec 18, 2016

Mr. Donald Trump, We need your help.
If you study the US Constitution and look at where we are as a nation, you will see our government is far outside the bounds that We The People placed around it. We have abusive and unconstitutional agencies like the EPA and BLM and the Forest Service harassing the American people and locking them away in jail for things as small as placing ponds on their own land. We need full Presidential Pardons for these people as soon as you are sworn in and we believe you truly will do what's right to make this nation great again. We ask for your help, we ask for your support and We The People Stand behind any leader or officer who will fight to protect our rights before fighting to protect the rights of a tyrannical and over reaching government. Please restore our land and our rights back to the American people as our Founders once did. They wanted a land where the people were free and they wanted our Life, our Liberty and our Property to be something an over reaching government could not impede on. Please be a leader worth following. I come to you on behalf of:

Political prisoners because of a land grab in Harney County Oregon:
Dwight Hammond, San Pedro, CA
Steve Hammond, San Pedro, CA

Political Prisoners denied bail for a year, awaiting trial for the Bunkerville Standup:
Cliven Bundy, Pahrump Nevada
Ammon Bundy, Pahrump Nevada
Ryan Bundy, Pahrump Nevada
Mel Bundy, Pahrump Nevada
Dave Bundy, Pahrump Nevada
Greg Burelson, Pahrump Nevada
Gerry Delemus , Pahrump Nevada
Scott Drexler, Pahrump Nevada
Todd Engel, Pahrump Nevada
Rick Lovelien, Pahrump Nevada
Micah McGuire, Pahrump Nevada
Joe Oshaugnessy, Pahrump Nevada
Eric Parker, Pahrump Nevada
Ryan Payne, Pahrump Nevada
Pete Santilli, Pahrump Nevada
Steve Stewart, Pahrump Nevada
Jason Woods, Pahrump Nevada

Other Political Prisoners that need a Presidential Pardon:
Joseph Robertson Littleton, Colorado
Schuyler Barbeau Seattle, WA
Kevin Massey Seagoville, Texas
Michael Emry Eugene, Oregon
Jeff Weinhaus, Missouri
Thomas Deegan
Charles Dyer
Francis S Cox Marion, IL

Political Prisoners awaiting trial in Feb 2017 for the Malhear Refuge Occupation: 
Sean and Sandy Anderson
Dylan Anderson
Daryl Thorn
Duane Ehmer
Jake Ryan
Jason Patrick

Political Prisoners who pled guilty for the Refuge Occupation and or the Bunkerville Standup due to threats, force and intimidation from the United States of America Federal Prosecutors: 
Jason Blomgren
Brian Cavalier
Eric Flores
Wesley Kjar
Corey Lequieu
Geoffrey Stanek
Blaine Cooper
Joe Oshaugnessy

These are just some of the names of the MANY political prisoners being wrongfully held or facing charges from the United States of America. Please pardon all names listed above. Please help make America great again, Mr. Donald Trump.
Thank you,
Kelli Stewart
Proud American

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