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Mark McConnell who was ordered to stop the harassment of a popular activist out of Arizona, has decided to fight the injunction (Restraining Order) that he was served with on Christmas Eve, and will now face  questioning by Jon Ritzheimer in an upcoming public hearing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mr. Ritzheimer who filed a police report after being assaulted by McConnell at a Pheonix eatery this past October, says he looks forward to questioning Mark McConnell under oath when this goes before a Judge.


I have some questions for Mark McConnell concerning his role as an informant and if that role includes threatening me while I’m having dinner – says Ritzheimer.  If this guy is still on the payroll I think I have a right to know, especially if he is going to approach me with a weapon and challenge me to a fight.  Is he following me around Phoenix in an ongoing FBI effort to implicate me in some kind of wrong-doing or is he just harassing me because he enjoys being a bully?  He’ll be under oath and I look forward to finally being able to ask this guy some questions …

It is not lost on the activist community whom often refer to themselves as “Patriots,” that Mark McConnell and those who follow him have targeted anyone who would criticize the – self appointed border guard turned informant – for his role in the takedown and murder of LaVoy Finicum,  and  arrest of respected activist Ammon Bundy and others during the Malheur Refuge Adverse Possession outside of Burns, Oregon last winter.

McConnell and the men and women who empowered and encouraged him in some instances to become an informant, are quick to go “full blown assassin” on any Soccer Mom, Grandmother, Veteran, friend, or family member that is even slightly critical of  Mr. McConnell and his part-time job with the FBI.

It’s like these people have a spy watching every thread, says a stay at home mom of 3 from Wisconsin;

I started following the story this past Winter and have no connection to a Militia, or border group or really any of the people involved — I just thought it was an interesting story.  When McConnell was outed during the trial, I left a comment in the thread of one of the Oregon outlets that was covering the case, and simply said I wasn’t shocked that he was an informant because he didn’t get arrested when everyone else did back in January .. I was immediately attacked, and the language was so frightening I immediately deleted my comment.

Our Wisconsin Mom of 3 isn’t the only one who found herself reaping a verbal lashing from Team McConnell; hundreds of people logged complaints against the  “Arizona Informant Network” when Louis Author the founder of Veterans on Patrol based in Phoenix Arizona, made “barely veiled death threats” against an outraged public during a series of live Facebook rants shortly after McConnell was exposed.

Ritzheimer sees McConnell’s in person physical threat against him as a next step in the evolution of this new breed of Border Bullies that feel they have some sort of self appointed high-ground to police, harass, and intimidate people that don’t agree with their agenda.

Jon Ritzheimer will face Mark McConnell in an open to the public hearing on January 5th @ 8:30 am in the Phoenix Municipal Courthouse.


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