Joshua Martinez, Makes a formal stand about free speech and where it can be exercised legally.

12-23-16 Las Vegas, Nevada. Earlier in 2016 when patriots showed up for preliminary hearings and other court dates for the  Patriot Political Prisoners being held in Detention pending trial on grand jury federal indictments, the rallies were well attended and the stairs in front of the Las Vegas Nevada District Federal Court House, was where patriots rallied to show their support and draw attention to the issues and their plight.

Early 2016 Rally in Support of the Patriot Political Prisoners during Preliminary Hearings in La Vegas Nevada

It has always been done with respect and courtesy to those moving through the area. People were careful to not impede anyones access. Either walking down the street or in and out of the court house via the steps. As court activity is finally starting occur again, the desire to support and rally for the Patriot Political Prisoners at the courthouse has started to move back from the regular rallies at the Pahrump Detention Center where the P3's have been for almost a year now in detainment (un convicted) custody.

1st Amendment Area at the 2014 Standoff was not accepted at all by any of the folks there in support of Bundy Ranch

In the first couple of rallies it was made clear by Contract Court House Security, that they intended on limiting the rallies to the sidewalk in front of the stairs. The next time the intent was to limit the rally area to the sidewalks and out of the plaza area at street level north of the steps as well..  

Along with many things revolving around the 2014 Bundy Stand Off, one of the key issues and points of contention has been 1st Amendment free speech constitutional issues. from designated areas and the attempt to limit the patriots rights to publicly assemble and speak. 

According to Mr Martinez, he would like to get the issue settled once and for all while the rallies are still small and the risk of incitement of others attending is very low.  He says that he is willing to be arrested and have it resolved in court. This was his second attempt to stand his ground and let Court House Security, DHS, Federal marshals and/or Metro Las Vegas Police do what they have been treating to do. Today the DHS officers got involved and the stated that they would ask Metro Las Vegas PD to arrest him for non compliance.  After most of the event standing on the top of the steps, metro was a no show and it appeared that DHS was communicating with their command for specific instructions on how to act in the situation.  

After court proceedings finished and Metro did not show as stated, the rally ended without any arrest or further interaction. When asked, one of the DHS officers implied that they had not yet received official instructions on how to proceed.  

In the video above Mr. Martinez explains why this is important not only to him but all Americans and is but a small representation of how our Constitutional Liberties and the Natural rights they protect have been being eroded by Federal Policy and Enforcement of Policy that is clearly unconstitutional in his and others interpretations and understanding. He desires to get this resolved before the larger rallies in the new year and the significant number of supporter expected when the actual trials begin in February..  Again citing his desire to make himself the issue and point of contention instead of having a reaction of a large group being vocal and even potentially disobedient  in a challenge to this issue.



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