Bundy’s Refuse To Back-Down In Nevada -Pete Santilli – Defiant As Ever

Bundy’s Refuse To Back-Down In Nevada -@Pete Santilli – Defiant As Ever
12-10-16 – The Pete Santilli Show

Published on Dec 10, 2016

Pete Santilli joins Deb Jordan with the latest update from Nevada.
The courtroom was packed with support for Bundy Ranch protestors yesterday who had their first status hearing since Ammon and Ryan Bundy returned to Nevada after a hard fought win in Oregon.
Ammon and Ryan Bundy refused to enter the court-room in shackles and chains.
Cliven Bundy Pled with the court to allow him to go last so that others who had children could get their trials over with and go home to their families.

Ryan Payne spoke out shouting – Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God!
Eric Parker refused to stand before the Judge
Attorneys argued the Jurisdiction of the BLM
Judge refused to hear ALL motions to dismiss

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